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Posted: 14 years ago

Disha & Mayur Vakani Actors
Disha Vakani, better known as the loud housewife 'Dayaben' from Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma teleseries, has kept viewers enthralled with her histrionics and funny ways. Her brother Suraj in the series is also her real brother, Mayur Vakani.

Disha and Mayur Vakani

"I am younger to him, but in the series, it's the other way around. We both enjoy working together. He is based in Ahmedabad, but it's his work in the serial that brings him to Mumbai often," says Disha, a Goregaon resident.
The brother-sister duo inherited their love for acting from their father, a theater personality.

"But Mayur has been like my guide in my career I have always followed him, as he was my senior in school and college," says Disha. "Even as professionals, we share a good chemistry, and often discuss our work too."
But it was not always as matured as it is now, recalls  Disha, who has recently won the ITA (Indian Television Academy) award for the 'best actress in the comic category' in 2008.

"Earlier we used to fight often. But now we both have matured. He's married, and has a daughter too. If I have some problems I do discuss with Mayurbhai. He is like a friend always there to help me " says Disha. "I usually go to home town Ahmedabad for rakhi as we have a big family there." "I am proud of her success, and really am happy for her," a man-of-few words, Mayur has the last say on his sister.

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The article has mentioned Sunder as Suraj !!! lol but this is some interesting info. about Disha and Mayur !!! Wat say guys ??


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Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks for the article
😆I though his name was sunder, oh well i guess reporters forget as well.
Though it is great to see the both get along so well.
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Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks ishan.k 
Disha looks older than Mayur and he is a father too!
Mayur's maintaining himself! Keep it up!
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Posted: 14 years ago
even i thought same that sundar's real name is SURAJ....😆 but good relation between bro sis.... thanks for the link bro.....