D3 Fanfic: An Independent Woman

D3 Fanfic: An Independent Woman Ongoing

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“The most dangerous woman of all is the one who refuses to rely on your sword to save her because she carries her own.” ~ r.h. Sin The story of where life takes Taani Shekawat, Reyaansh Singhania, Swayam Shekawat, Sharon Raiprakash, and their friends. Set three years after Taani leaves Mumbai, this is the story of who she becomes, and how she changes everything.
Author's Note:
Hi guys! So just as a little background, I loved D3 and it was the first ITV show I really cared for. I honestly loved the Taani-Rey pairing, because there was such potential to explore a different perspective on college life. That’s why I always felt that the whole breakup and Taani being replaced with Kriya thing was a bit of a cop-out. (No hate towards Kriya’s character at all, I loved Shakti Mohan even before D3!) It made all the friendships and relationships seem a bit superficial and cliquey to me, because it’s like they were only connected through dance, and they had no room for non-dancers. So this is my take on how some time would have brought that to light, and how Taani’s return would be the catalyst for the gang to change. Naturally, the main focus will be on Taani and Rey as a couple, but I also really wanted to flesh out the “cousin-sibling” dynamic as well, and so there is also a focus on Swayam and Sharon. I guess in TV terms, you’d call them the second leads and the rest of the gang from the show would be the supporting cast. A bit of a head’s up, Taani will be dating an original character for a while, mostly because I’m sick of the ITV stereotype of the girl waiting around for the guy to realize he loves her. But don’t worry, I love Taani with Rey, so that’s where the story will take her. ~ K

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