Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Fan Fictions

Fireflies By Nushrat (@Nush_Rat) eye 31371 star 6 book 54

It's funny how the things you desire the most often become the reason for ...

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Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 606 star 1 book 1

Ranveer had watched every bit of himself degenerate when he found out the ...

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Alive In Me
Alive In Me By Nushrat (@Nush_Rat) eye 1760 star 0 book 4

A short TS on Ranveer and Ishaani from the show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi.

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Satisfaction By Nushrat (@Nush_Rat) eye 1645 star 3 book 2

“There comes a point beyond which one doesn’t feel any pain.” - He said. ...

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Into The Rain
Into The Rain By Nushrat (@Nush_Rat) eye 3081 star 11 book 2

I lay, immobile, as I felt the droplets of rain pouring over my impaled ...

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A Moment In Time
A Moment In Time By Nushrat (@Nush_Rat) eye 2659 star 3 book 2

One moment! They say, all it takes is one moment to change the entire ...

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Memories By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 1880 star 2 book 1

Ishaani once made a choice to leave everything behind so she could protect ...

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Wounds Unhealed
Wounds Unhealed By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 950 star 2 book 1

A quiet life, peaceful days were what he'd dreamt of all his life despite ...

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Broken Promises
Broken Promises By Shirisha (@ExoticDisaster) eye 30549 star 1 book 2

When Samar and Aryan - two brothers, meet two sisters named Mehak and Chahat, ...

Arshi Samaina FF: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
Arshi Samaina FF: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham By kavita (@kavitha_r) eye 347 star 1 book 10

The story revolves around Arnav, Khushi, Sameer, and Naina. Arnav is the ...

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