Salaam -e- Ishq

Salaam -e- Ishq Ongoing G

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MBA ..a girl of 27 working in KC since last 5 years as a client advisor '

About her nature umm ..
She is naive ..innocent sweet '

About her beauty '.
Sorry I am short of words 'her beauty is hevenly to say anything
Still she is ignorant to her looks ..

Madly in love with her boss ..the hottest eligible bachelor in town ..
But still fail to understand why he dis-likes her so much ..
But than he is her Boss 'n how can she ..
A mere employee hold any importance in his personal life '!!!
Author's Note:
Hello Everyone,

Returning to IF after a very long time, a few years actually. Trying to learn the new interface, hopefully will be able to migrate the whole story soon.

This one is a piece of my heart never though i'd take so long to complete it, but hopefully i will finish it soon this time. I started this in my teens and now it feels like eons, i can't imagine the writing that i have done here in the earlier chapters but i guess its the journey that i have taken so far. Hopefully the new readers will be able to read past those errors and connect with the emotions.

Enjoy and leave your review.

Much love
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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

Table of Content
Character Sketch
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Chapter 1
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Chapter 4
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Chapter 5
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Chapter 6
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Chapter 7
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Chapter 8
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Chapter 9
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Chapter 9
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Chapter 10
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Chapter 11
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Chapter 12
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Chapter 13
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Chapter 14
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Chapter 15
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Chapter 16
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Chapter 17
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Chapter 18
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Chapter 19
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Chapter 20
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Chapter 21
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Chapter 22
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Chapter 23
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Chapter 24
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Chapter 25
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Chapter 26
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Chapter 27
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Chapter 28
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Chapter 29
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Chapter 30
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Chapter 31
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Chapter 32
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Chapter 33
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Chapter 34
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Chapter 35
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Chapter 36
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Chapter 37
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Chapter 38
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Chapter 39
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Chapter 40
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Chapter 41
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Chapter 42
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Chapter 43
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Chapter 44
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Chapter 45
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Chapter 46
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Chapter 47
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Chapter 48
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Chapter 49
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Chapter 50
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Chapter 51
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Chapter 52
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Chapter 53
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Chapter 54
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Chapter 55
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Chapter 56
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Chapter 57
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Chapter 58
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Chapter 59
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Chapter 60
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