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Published On: 2021-11-25T01:30:00Z

eye 136 star 0 book 3

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Who would want Raghav Rao for a son-in-law? He's arrogant, disrespectful, and violent. Vijay Deshmukh detests Raghav, and Raghav thinks Vijay is crazy, but Pallavi's marriage to Vijay's son Mandar is ending, and Raghav already considers Pallavi his wife. Sharada is worried about her husband Vijay, and has a talk with Raghav. Will Raghav find the right words to appease his father-in-law? Will Vijay regret believing anything that Raghav says? Raghav also wants to help Pallavi's best friend Manasi, who is afraid of him. Raghav's imaginary personality Luṅgīvālā Raghav tries to help. Pallavi wonders if Raghav is ready for her to know his secret identity as the philanthropist Ramaswami and his secret practice of classical Bharatanatyam dance. Raghav delivers the answers.
Author's Note:
When Raghav Rao first met Sharada Deshmukh, who would become his mother-in-law, she mistook him for a delivery boy. Many months later, Raghav must earn the title of Delivery Boy when Sharada challenges him to take a tiffin to his father-in-law Vijay and make sure he eats it. My other story "Hasta-prāpya-stabaka-namito bāla-Mandāra-vṛkṣaḥ" is a prequel to this story. Each chapter in this story can be read as a standalone short story. The matured content is just the mention of a drug's purpose in Chapter Two.
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