Choti Si Duniya (our small world)

Choti Si Duniya (our small world) Ongoing

Published On: 2021-06-18T03:36:47Z

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IPKKND epilogue series, day-to-day life of Arnav and Khushi with their son and twin daughters. No major twists and turns, just sneak peek in their life. Jump in if you want to see how arshi's marital bliss looks like :D You can read each chapter as a one shot, most of them are not related to previous ones.
Author's Note:
A/N - Quick summary of my vision of last 9 years in Arnav-Khushi's life: Khushi announced her pregnancy on their 3rd wedding anniversary, as shown in Ek Jashn, they eventually had a baby boy. He is named Kavish (K for Khushi, A for Arnav and it's their wish), Khushi calls him chiku, her amma calls him kishu. He's around 5-year-old. Payal-Akash had a baby girl, Piya, who is almost 8 months older than Kavish and an only child. Anjali got married as well and has a baby boy. Khushi got pregnant again around the time when Kavish was 3 and delivered fraternal twin daughters – Arohi and Shreeya. Shreeya is rarely called by her birth-name, she is their Pari, owing to her delicate frame. She is a very shy baby while Arohi is already turning out to be a brat. They both are around 18 months old and are fraternal twins, they dont look alike. Kavish is a doting bhaiyya for his sisters and is also very naughty kid and loves cricket (the sport). Khushi runs a food business 'Gupta foods' while Arnav is still busy at AR. Rest is the same.
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