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Published On: 2021-03-02T07:40:33Z

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Love is both strength and weakness of a person but most of the times we make it a weakness rather making it our strength & motivation for ourselves, thou it’s hard to do it but this is a fact. Especially in today’s scenario when love and emotions are a mere things to play on easily but people tend to forget that these emotions and love is a sign of human nature. Thou at times it is hard to accept our feelings due to various reasons but once we accept our true feelings it becomes easier for us to move ahead & make our emotions our strength. But at times when people play with our emotions we tend to think that Love really makes us weak and genuinely we should use mind not our heart specifically in case of sensitive matters but we forget that in relationships our heart is equally important too. In the tiff between heart & mind we usually see mind wins with logic but at times when emotions take an upper hand things change drastically in life.
Author's Note:
Does a wrong way to achieve right thing is always justified? No as at times it can lead to a big destruction 🙂
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