Why Ayaz Ahmed and Parth Samthaan deleted their Twitter accounts?

The popular hunks recently deleted their Twitter accounts. Read on to know the reason…

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As the social media is booming these days, fans across the globe have an easy access to their favorite celebs. Actors connect themselves with their fans through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but sometimes it doesn't prove easy for them to stay connected on the social platform to interact with their fans.

Two popular actors from MTV India's popular show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed recently deleted their Twitter accounts because of the negative comments being posted by fans against them and their loved ones. The duo didn't like the way fans bash their loved ones and interfere too much into their personal lives.

We quizzed the actors to know more about what made them delete their Twitter accounts.

Ayaz Ahmed said, "We deleted our accounts for a very simple reason that Twitter and other social networking sites are a platform to interact with the audience as a person what we are and to promote our show. We are open to criticism and its fine if they want to know about our personal lives but if people start encroaching to our personal lives then it becomes disturbing for us. We are entertainers but at the same time, we have our personal space. That's the only reason why we both deleted our accounts. I would like to say to all the fans that, Dil lagayiye lekin kahin aur mat lag jayiye (smiles)."  

Parth Samthaan says, "I am not active on Twitter anymore because the reactions that people are expressing on the site, is more related to my personal life rather than my performance, I think people have forgotten that I am doing a show but they are more interested in my personal life. There have been rumors about me speaking about my co-stars. It's not true at all. I don't care about myself what you people think; you can respect, you can criticize and you can take any sort of action against me but please respect the people whom I love and I am close to because they are not at any fault. If you like me and my character then please respect me and support me like you have been doing till date. Thank you everyone for your love and support. Please continue to support us in a positive way and not in a negative way; I would like that.

We asked Parth whether he has plans to comeback on Twitter or not, to which he replied, "For now, it's a No because the more you will come to the social sites, the more negativity you will see happening around you. There is a limit of ignoring things also. I can ignore something about myself but I don't ignore anything about the people whom I love and I am close to. I am sure that even you all will not like it and defend if someone will bash your loved ones so even I am doing just the same. I hope that you guys will understand and stop commenting on any of my closed ones."

We hope that the fans will understand their points now!

Anwesha Kamal


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neelareddy 5 years ago lets enjoy them on screen and respect their privacy off screen. lets do unto others like you want them to do unto you.
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sashasingh24 6 years ago Respect to the both of them .. Takes a lots of courage to stand up for what u believe in in this diplomatic world ..
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EXOL 6 years ago Ayaz...then why u claimed in ur Insta ac that u quit it coz of boredom and not negativity..why to put the blame on fans then ?? so convenient ??

disappointed with ur not so cool attitude...
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ShellJA 6 years ago It's stupid when actors have to shut down thei Twitter accounts because some people don't know the difference what is real and not.
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Ambylicious 6 years ago Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed kaise yeh yaariyan

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shibz 6 years ago Ayaz & Parth you guys Rock as ManBir! KY2Heart
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Hifah 6 years ago Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed kaise yeh yaariyan. who cares now they still active on IG. loads of love to PaYaz
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keerthu27 6 years ago Love u Parth Samthaan nd Ayaz Ahmed...Kaisi yeh yaariyan rockss <3 <3
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EXOL 6 years ago seriously i have never seen any KY2 fans bashing AYAZ...i donno what he is even talking about..may be SH fans but then he only was asking for it ...now what happened all of a sudden...
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Preternatural 6 years ago Everyone should mind that you cannot enter someone's personal space...unless they want you to..
Anyways, Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed we love you for your what you are... hope you guys will be back very soon.. because we, genuine fans, will miss you alot..
You guys rock in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.. Keep rocking.
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