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We quiz Sharad Malhotra this time...

If you were with the dazzling and handsome Sharad Malhotra for one day, what would you do?


Now now, don't start thinking too much girls. If you had a chance to say anything to him, what would it be? If you could act with Sharad, what role would you want to be in? While you're thinking, check out some of Sharad's answers if he was in any random "IF I was..." situations.

If I was my character for 24 hours I would….

I would probably love being pampered by the beautiful girls and women. I would enjoy my day eating chocolates, icecreams, will probably make a trip to Disney World with all my little friends. I will really have a blast.. Yes, I will surely take my mother along!!(Grins) I will love to be the centre of attraction and attention for one full day…

If I was to ask out one Bollywood actress….

Wow!!! I will then have  a list ready… hehe.. It will be Rani Mukherji, Sushmita Sen, Kajol, Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor …….my list will go on and on.. so Better I stop here.. (Grins)But ya, if I was to choose one, I will take Rani Mukherji on a date..

If I was offered the role of Devdas….

I would probably get both Paro and Chandramukhi. They both are really beautiful, I would love both of them. Definitely I will not end up being the typical Devdas with a drink in hand…

If I was offered the role of a male version of Tulsi….

I will first stop crying.. She cries a lot, probably she needs tissues more than anyone else..

If I was asked to give a message to my fans on I-F….

I love them a lot. They are simply amazing, have been kind to me. A Big Thank you to all of them and a Flying kiss to all the beautiful girls out there…

All the beautiful girls, don't blush too much after Sharad's flying kiss! All of us would love to be his Paro and Chandramukhi after this short little interview, and hope you learned a little bit more about the man who wows us as the charismatic Sagar in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Writer: Ankita
Contact Writer: PM ammmu


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sdot 11 years ago sooooo sweet ...... ure simply just toooooo sexy n tooooo hot!! i wish i could meeet u ........ I luv ure answer!!! Seriosuly ure tooooooo cute n i wish u all the best in life n i wish u get everythings u need in ure life n wish u all the best my jaan!! I luv u very much!!! Take Care n Allah Hafiz!!
-Ami- 13 years ago Thanks for this!
Aww him as devdas...Sort of odd to imagine...
magical mahua
magical mahua 13 years ago sharad ur 2 gud as an actor.as SAGAR u have win million sssss of heart. but don'ttttt ever try 2 become DEVDAS.... NICE INTERVIEW....
Mrs.SalmanKhan 13 years ago Great article. Sharad, tera jadoooo chalgeya<3 but cant imagine him being drunk devdas lol. and awhh he`z so cute down to earth kinda dude. <3

If I was offered the role of a male version of Tulsi….

I will first stop crying.. She cries a lot, probably she needs tissues more than anyone else..

tht cracked me up...Sharad Sharad Sharad<3
rahmata 13 years ago wow he is soo nice and his down to earth attitude awesome
thanks for sharing
.:Megha:. 13 years ago woow !!! thanks for sharing. nice article. the flying kiss *faint* [LOL]
hiral_anju0930 13 years ago awesome... gosh, sharad is soo full of it... lol
he's a sweet heart....
TrustYourSelf 13 years ago aww he's just too cute!! thx for sharing!!! i really like sharad! and reading this was fab!

Arooj_007 13 years ago aww.... he is just adorable. Thank you so much for the article. I caught your flying kiss that u sent sharad and i nearly fainted LOL. Love you
THiNKiN OF YOU 13 years ago this was a nice interview
he is a very interesting person
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