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Valentines Day - Most Romantic Scenes II

Here's bringing the second day selection of romantic scenes from the past decade ...


Whilst we got a mixed response for the scenes of Day1, we are near certain that bringing SRK and Shahid into picture for Day2 is sure to find favor!

And having said that, we must confess that choosing merely 14 scenes out of decade's worth of countless romantic Bollywood moments and concurring with everyone's choice is no easy feat!

Which is why we need you to keep rooting for your favorite scenes, and wait for them to unveil as the week progresses - with each day's share of romantic scenes ranked higher than the day before, and the best ones to come just preceding Valentines.

That said, here's bringing the second day selection of romantic scenes from the past decade - 2001-2010.

Enjoy revisiting!

Movie: Veer Zaara (2004: Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta)
Scene:  Encounter of fates

Confessions are romantic ... and all that. Reunions are romantic... and all that too. But what about first meetings?!

Veer Zaara, set against the backdrop of Indo-Pak and Hindu-Muslim conflicts, is a star-crossed romance which tells the unfortunate tale of an India Air Force Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), and a rich fair Pakistani maiden, hailing from a powerful politico household of Lahore, Zaara Haayat Khan (Preity Zinta). The story goes back and forth in time, between the blossoming of love, and the forceful separation of lovers for twenty long years - until arrival on the scene of legal eagle Saamiya Siddiqui (Rani Mukherjee), who swears to bring justice to the lovers.

And it all begins with the scene, that we chose as our 'most romantic'.

The bus with Zaara on her first trip to India meets with an accident causing it to overturn. Being present on the scene puts Air Force hero Veer into action, helping his co-passengers, in particular rescuing this damsel in distress. In the process of pulling her back up the steep edged cliff, and the inevitable proximity that hence prevails, Veer gets his first glimpse of a sight that becomes the love of his life for all the years after - the lovely Zaara. Who, although in the life threatening circumstance cannot be at presentable best, but her natural beauty, coupled with the evident vulnerability charms her knight, who remains mesmerized even in the process of implementing his dutiful task. Distracted away from her downcast eyes, and labored breathing by the errant lock of hair that crosses her face and bothers her, it is when Veer gently tucks it behind her ear, that Zaara finally gives her savior a first look, and there it is - the infamous instance of love at first sight! Although incapable of matching up to his stare she eventually averts her gaze looking away, Veer can't help but be cupid struck.

The beauty of this scene, is not just the visual capture of it, but the parallel soliloquy that goes on inside of Veer's head, his first impression of Zaara's immense beauty. His thoughts are what top the scene with a cherry, and make it so utterly romantic! And of course, there's no taking away the acting genius of king of romance Shah Rukh, and pretty woman Preity Zinta!

Jab We Met (2007: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor)
Scene: Confrontation - Geet yaahan hoti to...!

Jab We Met was sure a fate turner for its staring couple - Shahid and Kareena. While the two of them finally tasted their first blockbuster success as an onscreen couple together with this Imtiaz Ali venture, this movie also marked the beginning of the end of their much gossiped about real life alliance.

However, for sake of Valentines, let's refocus on the magic they created onscreen, jab the bubbly chatterbox Geet met the much in suicidal delusion Aditya! The story of the movie intertwines the lives of these two leads in a way that they each get their chance to rescue the other from dumps of pathos. The scene we chose as our 'most romantic' is a second time today, not the confession scene.

Well, not the typical confession anyways!

It is Aditya's confession of Geet's importance in his life. Candidly, to her face without talking in riddles. When Adi learns of Geet's circumstances - ditched in love and estranged from the family leading a loner's life - he immediately sets off to seek her out and bring her back. Geet being Geet, despite all the loss of her characteristic spirit, refuses to be sympathized with and burdened with another favor, or ehsaan, as she tells Aditya. Which rightly and fairly outrages him, the man who has long fallen in love with his non stop angel in disguise 'Bathinda Express'. Adi, who has come to believe that he owes everything good in his life to her takes this chance to tell her so, hotly and indignantly, of how her coming into his life has changed his perspective, how his life now is like a second chance and how she is the only one responsible for all the success. He makes her see hence, how there are no ehsaans involved when one owes their life to another, and everything else about it.

Yes, he doesn't profess his love. But there's more to relationships than just saying the three magical words, I love you... and this scene highlights the fact. While a deeply moved Geet acquiesces to return with him, we the audience can't but sigh at the inherent romance of this confronting scene.
Just the beginning of bringing together the two lovers who were long meant to least onscreen!


And there goes the buzzer to end Day 2. We shall be here again tomorrow, to reveal and showcase the next two scenes, a step up on the ladder or ranks.

Any guesses which ones they could be?! Be sure to tell us!

While at it, publicize also, over and over, your own favorites so they make it to the list!

Until then... adios from us!

Authors: Sharmila & Naseem
Graphics: Fatima


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