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'The habit of not taking care of health puts me off' - Chhavi Mittal

Chavi Mithal, who debuted as the cute 'Disha' talks about her dream role, likes and memorable incident with her fan...

Best Pick-up line that has been used on you, or by you: Once a friend of mine asked me out of curiosity, ‘Do you have a twin sister? Because you are ‘two’ cute to be just ‘one’’ (laughs).

Your Dream Role: The one that Vinay Pathak played in the movie ‘Bheja Fry’.

You would love to be reborn as: Myself, as I am happy for whatever I am today.

If you had to direct a movie, you would cast: First of all, I don’t want to direct a movie. But if I did so, then it has to be Akshay Kumar as the lead.

Any Memorable Incident with your fans: There was a fan of mine who used to regularly send me letters. She also gifted me a watch, which she sent it to the channel and I got it from them. It was so sweet of her. 

One Quality you like in your partner: Mohit is the best, but I think intelligence is the one attribute that I looked for in my suitor. 
The thing that irritates you the most: The habit of taking things for granted, and not taking care of health really puts me off.

Favorite Cartoon Character: I don't watch any cartoons. I am not a cartoon lover.
Favorite Designer: Nobody in particular, as I have a mix of designer wears in my wardrobe.
Favorite Subject to debate on: Any subject, as I am good at that.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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