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Sorry folks.. No Jai Walia in Kyunki..

Rumors were doing round that after wife Gautami joining Kyunki, her husband Ram Kapoor will follow suit. But Ram is clueless and says..

There is NO Mr Walia in Kyunki...

Rumors are doing regular rounds that a popular actor will soon be introduced in Kyunki. A reputed tabloid had reported that the new mystery man in Kyunki is none other than Ram Kapoor popularly known as Jai Walia.

Our correspondent Minnie got in touch with the man himself. Rubbishing the rumour outright, Ram said “There is no truth in it. I have not been contacted by Balaji, and even I came to know about it after reading in the papers. I am not playing any cameo in Kyunki. These rumors are baseless.” The actor is currently shooting in Turkey for his popular serial Kasamh Se in Zee.

Recently, Gautami Kapoor, wife of Ram Kapoor, has been roped in as new Tulsi in the serial. The couple was last seen together in Balaji Production Ghar Ek Mandir years ago where their onscreen and off-screen chemistry was much talked about. They later got married and recently had a daughter.

One wonders why a lead character will play a cameo in another serial. But in the serials of Ekta nothing is impossible. But for now there is no Mr Walia in Kyunki.

Reporter: Minnie Gupta
Author: Kirti.B
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Naz2000 2007-06-19T16:17:27Z I think he should stuck to Kasamh Se coz he is suit to this drama, not Kyunki. I can't image him in it.
Miss.Netherland 2007-06-16T03:17:28Z I know why he didn come
they were Mr (s ) in K serials hahahaha
priyapiya 2007-06-15T08:27:01Z Was hoping to see him and Gautami together in Kyunki!!
Never mind
Thanks 4 the Artical!!
pooja1994 2007-06-15T01:26:28Z dipika you are stupied you are my friend
priya28 2007-06-14T16:39:40Z Thank goodness there is no jai walia in kyunki beacuse i am tired of him in kasam se. His character is so annoying like, I don't like.
dipika1994 2007-06-14T14:31:10Z thank you pooja to saying my personal things on the formus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am not happy with you i will see you in school watch what i am goona do with you
*Indian currey*
*Indian currey* 2007-06-14T06:43:54Z Awwieee..thanxz...wht to do wid fake rumours..!
Miss.Colorfull 2007-06-14T00:24:40Z it,s a rumour. it would have been really nice to see jai and gautami agin onscreen
berkeleygirl818 2007-06-13T18:40:27Z thanx fir sharing, it wud have been cool to see him with Gautami though!!!
amal 7leh
amal 7leh 2007-06-13T18:02:06Z iis gud 2 know dat dis rumour was jus a rumour........
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