Smriti comes face to face with Faiba in Behenein!

Kamini and Faiba join hands to make life miserable for Smriti in Star Plus' Behenein..

It's been a hide and seek game between Faiba (Nimisha Vakharia) and Smriti (Shiju Kataria) in Star Plus' Behenein, but soon the truth will be unveiled before Faiba that Smriti is in fact alive. With this revelation, the makers plan to bring in the next big twist in the story line..

A khabroo from the sets informs, "Kamini (Dolly Minhas)will succeed in her plans of bringing Smriti before Faiba. The elderly lady will get to know that for these many days, the family was fooling her and was keeping the truth of Smriti being alive away from her. Kamini feels that if Faiba gets to know the truth, she will send Smriti out of the house".

"Kamini very well knows that with Mihir (Sudeep Sahir) and Purva's (Alisha Khan) soft corner for Smriti, she will never be able to send her out of the house. So she includes Faiba in her plan to send the girl out", informs our source.

Telly Buzz earlier reported that Behenein will see its Maha episode on 12th of December, which will see the final consequence of Faiba and Kamini's plan.

We contacted Nimisha  Vakharia aka Faiba who says, "Yes, the truth of Smriti being alive has  come in the open, and Faiba has taken the whole house on her head. You have to watch the episode to know what happens".

Guess the big game begins now in Behenein!!

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar
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Jessuu 2010-12-02T22:48:44Z Smriti is a darling!!! I love her character in the show! Her and Mihir should get back together!!!
PinkLady09 2010-12-02T15:59:27Z i thought dis show was rly different but like others its a dragg
..Naina.. 2010-12-02T13:14:42Z this should definitely be an interesting twist to the tale
MMBG 2010-12-02T13:13:57Z Smriti Love you so much. I wanna see you happy baby.
adoremevirgo 2010-12-02T11:46:09Z smriti and mihir shud be tog...smriti has suffered too much in her life....she deserves happiness now....
and i really dont understand y kamini loves purva but hates smiriti wen they both r so nice....
Riyaa147 2010-12-02T07:19:20Z Thanks for sharing
hope mihir and smriti get back together!
mushiroxx 2010-12-02T07:09:24Z i like smriti more than purva.........please mihir go back to smriti........
yipee 2010-12-02T06:17:30Z cool that should be interesting to watch...!
iluvmayursajan 2009-05-04T21:15:00Z hrithik deserves the best actor actor award.......but farhan didnt deserve the award when imran was around.........i was literally shocked when i got to know farhan got instead of imran........
radhika_21 2009-02-17T09:54:43Z i''m glad priyanka won but saif kareena 4 style icon?
i''m not really happy with that!
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