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Dolly Minhas Dolly Minhas

as: Kamini

Rusty who is a London girl but deep within, has got Indian values. She makes her way to India searching for her roots.

Ketki Dave Ketki Dave

as: Neema Fai

The elder sister of Sevantilal, Fai is highly respected and has the status of a mother in law in the house. Sevantilal respects her immensely but is unaware of her real side. Besides being vindictive, ...

Ajay Chaudhary Ajay Chaudhary

as: Amar

He is the groom-to-be of Purva. His character's profession is that of a choreographer. His role's character sketch is of a sweet and understanding person who is always ready to be with Purva in any ...

Alok Arora Alok Arora

as: Kshitij

Darshan Jariwala Darshan Jariwala

as: Mr. Sevantilal (Father)

A loving father, who can do anything for their daughters and loves all of them equally. He has never let them face any difficulties in life and has provided them with a very sheltered upbringing. He ...