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Rohit Shetty's next with Devgn & Jr. Bachchan

Shetty at the moment has shifted all focus on his remake of Singam...

With Golmaal 3 receiving the best compliments this Diwali, Rohit Shetty is one delighted man! But while anyone else would indulge themselvesin the accolades, Shetty doesn't believe in living in the past and makes it a point to swiftly move forwards. In fact, Shetty is already busy planning his next few films. The first one being a remake of the Tamil film Singam, which will, once again, star Ajay Devgan.
Along with the Tamil remake, Shetty is also planning another comedy, again with lucky mascot Ajay Devgan, but with Abhishek Bachchan co-starring as well. The trio have previously worked together in Shetty's directorial debut Zameen. However, while this film is in the talks, the dates are still to be worked. Buzz is that Shetty plans to start the shooting of the film somewhere near the middle of next year.
Shetty at the moment has shifted all focus on his remake of Singam. An out and out action flick, shooting begins February of 2011. Shetty is hoping to wrap up shooting in two months so that the movie can get a well planned, well advertised and well awaited release in June of the same year.
With the success of Golmaal 3 behind him, we wish Rohit Shetty all the best with his upcoming projects.


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