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Randeep Hooda Takes Up ‘Restart Responsibly' Campaign for a Healthy Planet

'Randeep Hooda to take Discovery India’s message of ‘Restart Responsibly’ to the masses' through a campaign. He shared a video on his social media, check it out below...


Actor Randeep Hooda has taken up a thoughtful campaign, preaching people to act responsibly after the lockdown. He has pledged to take Discovery India’s message of ‘Restart Responsibly’ to the masses' through the campaign.

Speaking about the campaign, Randeep says:

“This campaign is close to my heart, as we are not asking people to take a pledge without any specific outcomes. The campaign aims to inspire people to take thoughtful steps, which can easily be added to their daily routines, in a more thoughtful way. Because, if everyone does small things right, then the overall impact on the environment will be huge.”

He adds,  “We all need to, and I can’t emphasize this enough, play our part to ensure that we create less pollution to ensure better quality air and water. An important observation we all need to make is that humans are not center of the universe, we are all a part of it, along with all flora and fauna – If we all just respect this fact and get on with life, I am sure tomorrow will be better.”

Randeep shared the campaign video on his social media that shows the actor taking a daily routine, and including actions like placing water for birds, riding a bicycle, and taking care of his pet, while opening up about the impact that human activity has had on the environment.

Sharing a video, Randeep wrote: “Let's #RestartResponsibly! While we were in lockdown,the planet healed. Now that we head out again & restart,let's do it responsibly.Small changes in daily routine will have major positive impact on environment.I pledge to make these lifestyle changes,what about you? @DiscoveryIN”


Randeep Hooda

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