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Rahul Harshbardhan Singh: Won’t Act Untill I clear my Name in Pratyusha’s Case!

In an exclusive conversation with Rahul, he spoke to us about the difficulties he had to face in the past 3 years, support from his family, industry’s reaction and much more:

  1. Rahul Raj Singh who is now known as Rahul Harshbardhan Singh was recently cleared from the allegations regarding a fraud case by South Actress Kesha Khambati. 

  2. In an exclusive conversation with Rahul, he spoke to us about the difficulties he had to face in the past 3 years, support from his family, industry’s reaction and much more:

  3. Firstly, your name was cleared in Kesha’s case. So how difficult has been those 3 years for you?

          It was very difficult because everything was very new to me. I was seeing the other side of people’s mind. We hear that people change but I                  actually saw how specially some people just want their name to get highlighted. 

           It has been a difficult phase and as an actor I got away from acting, I had to fight back, it took me three years to clear my name in a fraud. No               one wants to work with a fraud so everything, business hampered, my relation with people was ruined and there was so much in the media and             they made me a criminal. I used to not get houses, I had to pay 10k Rs. extra if I had to buy a house. 

  1. So you mentioned about the industry, was there anyone who supported you in this tough phase?

  2. No, they are just looking for a situation, no one came anywhere, they all just went to the media and they said whatever came to their mind in front of media. Anyway, who would support in the industry, no one supports anyone, we all have to see for ourselves. Even I decided that until I don’t clear my name in all these things, I won’t act.  

  1. Are there any future plans, for acting for anything else?

          See, now I won’t do Television, daily soap kind of thing. If I would do, then I would focus on films. But right now, my next step is to clear my                    name from the Pratyusha matter. These are the small wins for my life. Let the public love me first, now they hate me. 

  1. When such things happen, even the family gets affected by everything which is going around, there are reports in the media, people discuss amongst themselves. So how much did everything impact your family?

         See, Ranchi is a small town. My family always had a belief in me, they knew that whatever is being said is not true. They were telling a                         believable story in front of the camera and a character was being made, just like in films.They made my character a criminal. The case that I won was a small win but at least the name got cleared. 

    Do you feel that your family’s support helped you to go through this phase?

    Yes, during this phase my family was with me. I realised the importance of family. I was away from my family since a long. I came to bombay since 2004, I got Television shows and I got away from my family, I used to go home once a year. But now I realised what is family. Everybody came together and supported me, be it financially, emotionally, giving you strength, everything. They believed me because I told them that I did nothing. My parents are not like those who will hide my wrongdoings, they knew I didn’t do anything. 

    Kamya Panjabi said that I have a 9 year old son but my parents knew that I dont have any son. Kamya Panjabi, Vikas Gupta, the ones who keep calling themselves mastermind, they are actually mastermind, they know how to take advantage of a situation. 

    1. Were you shocked that the industry went out in front of the media and commented such things?

    The biggest shock that I felt was why Pratyusha took such a big step. I was as shocked as the rest of the world. I kept thinking about the reasons that what happened, why did she do it. After that, I was not shocked because I knew them from before. 

     Kamya Panjabi and all went together in the Bigg Boss house, they were friends since then. Usually controversial people go in the house so they used to do controversies right from the start and they got a platform. They thought that Rahul will go to jail, they didn't know that I would get bail. So whatever they said, I will win case against them as well, like I did against Kesha. They said wrong things, otherwise come on a public platform and apologise.

    Everyone kept their statement in front of the media like their image, like Rakhi Sawant's "Pankha band karo" and Ajaz Khan's said that he looks like a murderer. Everyone got up as a kind of get to together as if they are promoting their films or TV shows. There were so many press conference, it looked more like a Bigg Boss reunion. createing controversy is also an art. People do many stints or stunts to become more and more famous and these ex contenstants have already proved it i mean kamya, Ajaz, Dolly Bindra and Rakhi Sawant. They have been in bigboss previously so they know the art. Its ok, thats what is show bussiness, my question is not on somebodies death platform. 

    I want to say that it is very hard to survive this three years. Everything is very difficult and different, I got married also, I got married to a girl on whom there were allegations. So I had to take many brave steps in life. 

    I want to make my parents and my city, Ranchi proud. 

    So, till the time I don’t clear my name, I won’t act. I will work behind the camera, I will produce films. 

    1. So what is your future plans?

    I would now like to Produce films. I am planning a feature film. In that there is Madhur Bhandarkar’s associate director prem Suryakanth Mishra. So we are planning to release it on next shivratri. It will be titled as ‘Bachelors not allowed’. 

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