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Radio - Needs Tuning

In this era of ipods, you need a better Radio...

Published: Thursday,Dec 03, 2009 23:12 PM GMT-07:00
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Cast:Himesh Reshammiya,Sonal Sehgal,Shenaz Treasuryvala
Director: Ishan Trivedi
Music: Himesh Reshammiya

Radio is supposed to be the story of a confused RJ named Vivaan (Himesh Reshammiya) who finds accepting his love for Shanaya (Shenaz Treasuryvala) difficult because his idea of love has been fogged up due to his divorce to Pooja (Sonal Sehgal). However, the movie ends up confusing the viewers. But who said love is easy to explain? So if you see, can't complain there really.
Radio - Needs Tuning

Vivaan tells you his tale through a sequence of chapters, all titled in Hinglish. The titles are weird, but they do earn a few laughs. Especially the one with the word 'paranjabi' lassi, which means a Parsi Punjabi lassi. He tells us about Pooja, a choreographer by profession and clueless about her feeling for Vivaan in real life. He tells us how Shanaya happened to him, a bubbly flower-delivery-girl who can put a bottle of champagne to shame. The story basically revolves around Vivaan (common it's a Himesh movie!), and how he overcomes the dilemma of choosing between the two girls.

The story is good and would have struck a chord with the audience, had it been brought out on the screen effectively. The audience simply cannot connect to the characters. Both RJ Vivaan and choreographer Pooja must have been born in filthy rich families or else there's just no logic as to how they landed up in such posh pads in Mumbai! There are some very nonsensical scenes in the film, which you just have to bear. And the climax scene where Vivaan explains to Shanaya (in English) what took him so long to accept her you just want to scream, STOP! The scene that follows however cools you down as Shanaya so adorably asks Vivaan to say I love you to her in a 'proper' manner.

Himesh never really transformed as Vivaan on-screen. He makes sure you are aware that you are watching the one and only 'Himesh Reshammiya'. You soon get tired of his perpetually serious expression. Sonal Sehgal, may not have grown all that much as an actor. But she sure has grown camera friendly. She is what you can call a soft, subtle beauty.

Shenaz is cute and adorable except for the time when she is introduced as the flower girl. The neon-blue wig and skimpy loud dress make her look like a hybrid of a hooker and a clown. After the initial disaster, you can't stop falling for that famous toothy smile of hers. Acting wise, she's improved.

Paresh Rawal's talent has been flushed down the toilet in one swift go. His character Jhandulal Tyagi has his radio show titled 'Bahut Confusion Hai'. Fact is, if you listen to Jhandulal Tyagi, you'll end up getting a headache, which will make you beg for Zandu balm! Rajesh Khattar who play's Vivaan's boss makes you wince and Zakir Hussain who plays Shanaya's Punjabi dad is acceptable.

Almost all the songs in the movie will give you a deja-vu. Not music wise, because you have to accept Himesh's music is original. But the choreography and the settings of the songs will make you remember Savage Garden's Ooh I want you, Shania Twain's Don't be stupid, Khuda Ke Liye's Bandeya, Ronan Keating's When you say nothing at all and Backstreet Boys' Get down.

The music is typical of Himesh. You may love it. You may hate it. Whatever be the case, you can't ignore it. Soon you realize Mann ka radio just refuses to leave the insides of you head.

The movie is not as bad. In fact, if you're the kind who can afford to laugh 'at' the movie you won't mind spending your money and time on it. It will be well loved by that section of masses which enjoys Himesh's music.

Rating: **

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
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