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Pinto, Patel - Taking the Leap or Not?!

25 year old Goan beauty Frieda Pinto and 20 year old Brit Indian lad Dev Patel have been cupid-struck ...

Published: Wednesday,May 26, 2010 13:07 PM GMT-06:00
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25 year old beauty Frieda Pinto and 20 year old Brit Indian lad Dev Patel have been cupid-struck for a while now. Officially, they have been a couple since the latter part of 2009.

If their dating scene had garnered them media and public attention, here's the latest scoop of gossip that takes away the trophy - the lovely duo in love plan to tie the knot this very summer of 2010!


At least Dev and Frieda seem to be, as have been the claims of several onlookers who witnessed the two inquiring about wedding cakes from 'Sweet Jane Bakery' in Los Angeles, and its delivery to India. Apparently this particular bakery marks the spot for the young lovebirds' first-ever date!

Dev and Frieda, who met on the sets of Danny Boyle's Oscar sweeping Slumdog Millionaire, got along like a house on fire from the very start. So much so that Frieda, who was then engaged to publicist Rohan Antao, called off the commitment in the name of prioritizing her career. Rohan, who felt cheated at the hands of his lady love, blamed Dev even back then. And rightly so, it seems in retrospection!

Other than this particular piece of controversy, there has been little trouble in the lovers' paradise! One hears of Dev's mum being fond of the Pinto girl, while Dev was heard to have flown in to Goa to celebrate Christmas and New Year's of 2009-10 with Freida's folks. With the families happily consenting to this bond, Dev and Frieda have reasons to weave dreams of a very happy future ahead indeed.

Meanwhile, although Frieda's latest Woody Allen project You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger premiered at Cannes and has received average reviews, her career is certainly not slumped. Neither is Dev's for that matter, as the lad looks forward to his upcoming release The Last Airbender later this year.

All that said, Bolly Curry has a second side to the story as well.

Apparently, when contacted for comments, neither of the two in question have divulged information about any such wedding plans. Then again, one will recall how keeping secrets is not new to this couple who came clear about their affair after much time! However, Frieda's spokesperson Divya Tejuja maintains the rumours are all rubbish. Which is a froth settling kind of damper to the piping buzz!

Perhaps 2010 is not it, for the harsh denial issued on behalf of Lady Pinto. One can't help but hope nonetheless, that the future be as rosy as anticipated by countless for these two young stars!
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