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Pics: Ajay Devgn’s Foundation conducts mass-vaccination camp in Mumbai

After setting up a 20-bed ICU facility in Mumbai, Ajay Devgn’s NY Foundation organised a vaccination camp and around 1000 people from the industry received their Covid-19 vaccination shots

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Ajay Devgn

The novel Coronavirus spared no one globally. Be it young or old, economically well-settled or backward, every country in the world bore the brunt of COVID-19 cases in the last one and a half years. While the crisis is far from over, continued efforts by certain individuals and institutions have helped.

Closer home, the Indian entertainment industry also paid a price. Not only have livelihoods been hit because of the Pandemic, medical aid became unavailable to so many of the daily-wage workers. Film shootings ground to a halt and cinema halls are still closed.

Like many of his colleagues, Ajay Devgn took it upon himself to ensure that he could lend a helping hand to a large number of people from within and outside the film fraternity.

Besides helping the BMC set up a 20-bed ICU facility in Central Mumbai in the month of May, on Friday, June 11, Ajay’s NY Foundation organised a vaccination camp in a Mumbai suburb. Besides feeding ten thousand people, the Indian actor-filmmaker’s social responsibility wing vaccinated over 1000 industry workers, media professionals, and regular people in the last month.

Ajay Devgn
Ajay Devgn
Ajay Devgn

Done with the help of a private healthcare unit, the vaccination camp ensured nearly 400-odd people got their jabs.  Earlier NY Foundation did a similar but smaller exercise at another location.

A media professional who got his jab on June 11 said in a statement shared to us:

 "I sincerely thank NY Foundation for getting me my vaccine. The last few months have been hard on everyone around but more so on us. Our jobs require us to roam the field to get our daily quota of photographs/articles.  Without the vaccination, we were putting our lives in peril.  However, thanks to Ajay Sir and some other actors/filmmakers, who have reached out to us and offered us help without us asking for it, our lives have become that much easier. Thank you, NY Foundation.  Like it is said, it takes one to help one."

It had now become the conscious responsibility of the superstars, filmmakers, and other conscientious actors to come forward and help light-men, set-decorators, and camera attendants who work behind the scenes.

Ajay Devgn

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ReemShah 1 months ago Another good will deed done by an actor to safeguard people from 3rd wave
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