Nobody can beat them at punctuality!!

The ever punctual Devgans and Tanuja, have now got innovative as they kill time on the sets of the reality show, Rock N Roll Family...

Stars and punctual??? You have got to be kidding right!!! Well, no we are not kidding. The jury members of Rock N Roll Family, Ajay Devgan, Kajol and Tanuja are very particular when it comes to time. Infact, the production house is finding it a little hard to cope up with their strong sense of punctuality.

The family is always dot on time for the shoot, sometimes present on the sets even before the cast and the crew. The crew then has to rush around and speed up their arrangements for the shoot to start quickly. However, setting up the cameras and lights does take up considerable time, due to which the stars are forced to wait.

Commenting on the stars punctuality, Satish Datt, the Director of the show says, “They are the most punctual people I have seen. Being the director of the show, I must say, I am blessed to have such stars as judges on my show. Yeah, at times when they are early on the sets, we have to rush about to get everything ready and are usually under tremendous pressure, but the stars have never complained about waiting for everything to be in place.”

The family, in the meanwhile has apparently found a new way to kill time. While waiting for everything to be in place, Mr. and Mrs. Devgan along with Mum Tanuja dabble in modern art on the pads given to them to score the participants. Annotating on this Satish Datt says, “Yeah it’s true. During the shoot, they are always present on the sets. They don’t even go to their vanity vans during the breaks, since they believe the shooting will go faster. Now, I tend to believe that television stars throw a lot more tantrums than Bollywood actors do.”

This is one family that surely doesn’t believe in the concept of procrastination, we must say!!!

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani
Author: Melanie

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Comments (14)

nice aricle
hope the awards show turns out to b really good

all the best ekta!!

16 years ago

Well, we want Kundan Shah to be there. He's one of the founding fathers of fiction on Indian television. I still remember as a kid sitting with my bag of chips watching shows like 'Nukkad', 'Fauji' and 'Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi'. I wonder what happened to shows like that! I wanted to have an awards function that honours the minds behind such serials.

very well said ekta , yeah even i wonder what happened to them *crying* you being the major player in TV serials can definetly bring them back .
will you ? please

16 years ago

Really cool..i wish mein bhi time pe hota

16 years ago

so sweet of them to wait and draw lol
thanks for the article!

16 years ago

I love Ajay-Kajol, they make a perfect couple.

16 years ago

Not only punctuality but noone can beat them in down to earth nature too.... they are the best and never been in controversies :-)

16 years ago

That is really great. I hope their punctuality rubs on others also.

16 years ago

Well done Devgans and Tanuja.....they seems to be very good professionals

16 years ago

this is truly called professionalism :)!!

love them!

16 years ago

wow this is called professionalism...way to go Devgans and Tanuja ji

16 years ago

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