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Neil Bhatt reveals heartening instance from Bollywood sequence of GHKPM, if there was any pressure & more

Neil Bhatt spoke to India Forums about the prep, his excitement, a heartening instant from during shoot, and more. Read his conversation here.

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Neil Bhatt

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin witnessed the grand Bollywood sequence on the show recently and it managed to create a buzz, both before and after the episode went on-air. Neil Bhatt and Ayesha Singh aka Virat and Sai respectively managed to win hearts with their performances and well, the sheer idea of it sounds fun. However, it is also true that a lot of efforts go into such sequences and it indeed was on an ever so grand scale.

Neil Bhatt spoke to India Forums about the prep, his excitement, a heartening instant from during shoot, and more. Read his conversation here.

Tell us about the prep that went into the upcoming dance sequence, how was it different/difficult from shooting scenes?

When we were told that we are going to dance on 7-8 songs, I am always up for dancing, I like the fact that I get to be a dancer in a show where I play a police officer, so I did not have anything to prepare, at the most, it was to know the song. After that, it was everything you have seen, those are all chartbusters. At the most, I just had to enjoy and learn the choreography and that's all the prep that I have done. 

I don't think I would term it as difficult, at least I didn't find it, but it is a little different, and I have not been exposed to such a scale of shooting something. We had these LED backgrounds, different backgrounds were coming for different songs, but I am not the right person to speak about it because I haven't seen a lot of Indian television. For me, it is new and different, not difficult. 

This can truly be called one of the most awaited sequences as social media is abuzz with photos, how excited were you?

I get excited at the very thought of exciting, and when I got to know about doing something, the kid in me got excited. Other than that, I was happy because of the songs that were chosen, the kind that has a good recall value. I always wanted to dance to such songs, but never had the opportunity to professionally dance on them. It was a win-win situation for me and then seeing the whole audience excited and anticipating a good time out of the sequence, was an added responsibility, but rather than getting nervous about it, I was more excited. I was seeing the kind of response people had on social media and that kept the buzz alive and excitement alive.

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The sequence feels like a celebration of 'sairat', after the change of track earlier, do you think there's an additional excitement to it?

Our show's DNA is essentially high drama and when you get a break like this sequence, which is on a lighter note, that in itself gives a nice change, and when that is executed by Sairat, it does seem like a celebration, because they have been through a lot of ups and downs, and after that, when you have such a respite in such scenes, it feels like finally, they get some room to smile and relax, dance their heart out. In a way, the audience is also dancing and feeling happy with Sai and Virat. In addition, the dance only adds to the excitement of it.

You have donned some iconic avatars, which one was your favourite?

The makers chose some really nice songs with a great recall value, and it is because of the actors involved in some songs. I think I am very lucky to get an opportunity to try to feel what they have while doing these songs. I love all of them and it was fun doing them. But one song that I have liked since it came out and have been a fan of that actor since childhood,  even though as you grew up, people you idolize do change, this person has been on my list of people who I appreciate. I used to idolize him but now I also appreciate his charm, his charisma, and his hard work, and I think that the song I am talking about is 'Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal'. There is something about this song, and Anu Malik has given amazing music, and the main man, Shah Rukh Khan, the king of romance, he has taken the song to another level and the energy he exudes in the song, including Farah Khan ma'am's choreography. When I do anything remotely related to Shahrukh, there's a sense of heroism to it, and that in itself is a really good feeling. He has set the bar so high, I am just happy being a part of the song and it is special to me for all these reasons.

Tell us about any particular instance or an anecdote from during the shoot?

The whole sequence was being shot one song after the other, there wasn't really a time to stop and think or capture what was happening around when we are shooting this sequence. One thing that stood out for me was basically the face-off between Ajinkya and Virat. When we were doing it, we had already shot so many songs, the audience (crew members) do react. There was this particular sequence, while I was performing, and my crew is generally very happy when I am performing, something that is cute and very heartening to see them backing you up like proper cheerleaders, so it is really heartening to see that. And when it was this sequence, they made sure that they come into the auditorium and sit, they sat throughout. They were actually giving out real-time applause and there was a lot of hooting happening, and this cannot be taught or told, and it was not even required, but I was happy to see that it was a natural reaction and it meant that they are connecting as an audience, and that stood out for me.

What kind of pressure do the sequence and the numbers bring?

Even if there was any pressure, it wasn't on me, there is no pressure that I felt it was bringing on me as an artist. Yes, there are difficult times, no doubt, but I thoroughly enjoyed shooting them and dancing on these songs, trying to do justice to the songs and the characters I was portraying.  This was a kind of a homage from my end to the songs and the characters I was playing, but no pressure, and just smiles in the end.

Neil Bhatt Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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ranijain 2 months ago Love how humble you are, always thanking team for all your hardwork !!
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KashishSingh27 2 months ago Neil is a phenomenal dancer 😘😘 All those fantastic dance sequences , he just nailed it 😍😍
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Weekend_firefly 2 months ago No doubt on Neil's art.He is just amazing but disappointed with the article. Some more credits could have been given
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sairat07 2 months ago Thank u IF for this IV... Just AMAZING!!!👏👏
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Spicyfood 2 months ago Neil is a fantastic dance...................
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Devikadish 2 months ago Neil was lit af🥵🔥🔥🔥
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ritu_96 2 months ago you were phenomenal on all the dance sequences... even in the dance face off
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Svt611 2 months ago Neil was truly phenomenal!!!
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asmi_joya 2 months ago You were marvellous Neil Bhatt...
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