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A new serial that dispels the negative myth of LORD SHANI ... only on NDTV Imagine starts July 26th

Published: Thursday,Jul 17, 2008 14:03 PM GMT-06:00
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Starting this July, NDTV Imagine presents Mahima Shani Dev Ki… a mythological series that traces the story of Lord Shani, the planet God of the Hindu’s. Produced by Sagar Arts, this mega show aims to bring to light the greatness of Lord Shani, tackling the myths that surround this deity and the powerful effects of his planet. The character of Lord Shani will be essayed by Daya Shankar Pandey. Mahima Shani Dev Ki will launch with a special one-hour episode on Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. only on NDTV Imagine. From the following week, the show will air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

Lord Shani is depicted dark in color, clothed in black, holding a sword, arrows and two daggers and mounted on a black vulture or a raven. This God who presides over 'Shani-war' or Saturday is the son of the Sun-God Surya and Chhaya. It is said that when Lord Shani opened his eyes as a baby for the very first time, the sun went into an eclipse, which clearly denotes the impact of Shani on astrological charts. This may be the reason why he occupies a place of fear in the minds of the common man. This mega serial will highlight planet Shani’s contribution to lift man to great heights of humility, patience and nobility and portray him as the greatest teacher and the greatest destroyer of ego and pride. NDTV Imagine’s Mahima Shani Dev Ki will present a series of short stories that will seek to demystify this god and also highlight the importance of the planet. The stories will be from mythology right from the birth of Maha Shani – mingled with stories of lessons taught to the Great Emperor Vikramaditya!

Announcing the launch of the show, Shailja Kejriwal, EVP- Content, NDTV Imagine said,Mahima Shani Dev Ki presents a new approach to storytelling. The show has a collection of interesting stories which open your eyes to new thoughts and learning’s. A key aspect of this show is that it seeks to remove the tag of negativity and superstition attached to this god. It also looks to highlight an important yet often misunderstood facet about Lord Shani, which is to follow the path of righteousness, for he rewards those who follow this path and severely punishes only those who do wrong.”

In Hindu mythology, God himself has been incarnated in the form of planets, which are responsible for the existence of this whole universe and who deliver us the results of our own actions. Lord Shani is the signifier of our actions which include our present as well as the past. He is the chief Justice and punishes or rewards the human beings according to their misdeeds or good deeds. A favorable Shani bestows wealth and fame but at the same time, an unfavorable Shani gives endless miseries. Lord Shani punishes only those who are involved in ill deeds. However, he becomes happy and favorable to people performing good deeds and rewards them with lots of progress in their life. He forces people to be disciplined, and to understand that one needs to be humble, focused, patient, and hardworking to achieve success. Since most Hindus fear Lord Shani, they prefer not to approach him alone directly; rather they turn to God, in his various forms, for relief.

Tune-in to Mahima Shani Dev Ki launches every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 p.m. only on NDTV Imagine.

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