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Madhuri Padmashree Dixit

The original dhak dhak girl of Hindi film industry, Madhuri Dixit, has been honoured with the Padmashree Award.

Published: Saturday,May 10, 2008 21:08 PM GMT-06:00
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The original dhak dhak girl of Hindi film industry, Madhuri Dixit, has been honoured with the Padmashree Award. The charming lady, who is in Delhi, says, "it's a wonderful feeling that your years of hard work has culminated into such a prestigious Award. It's like an icing on the cake. I am really honoured."

As we ask Madhuri whether she feels that it’s little late for her to achieve the award, she smilingly replies, "Awards are important, but I never aspired for any. I just put my best foot forward. I've enjoyed working and dancing in front of the came

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ra. I've always loved the art".

That evening seems graced with the presence of Madhuri with her husband Dr. Sriram Nene and her father-in-law. Controlling little with the excitement of the award, Madhuri adds further, "I am here without my children. My mother-in-law and my parents are in Denver looking after my children. We were all so excited when they announced that I was chosen for the award. I thought the Padmashree was accorded only for scientists. It was only when I was flooded with calls and e-mails I realized how important it was for me in life.”

Madhuri still looks lost with her scene of receiving the award from the first Indian Woman President Pratibha Patil. Madhuri explains, “It's a great feeling. She is the first Lady of the country and I am receiving an award from her. It brings to mind all the women empowerment that we talk about. It's an added Prestige here in India now. I am delighted.”

Madhuri will be celebrating her birthday on the 15th of May. As asked if she has planned anything for the day, she says, "I am planning to go back since my children are there. I have not decided how we are going to celebrate it. Maybe we will have dinner with family and friends. I have no plan right now.”

Where Madhuri is present the talk is of course incomplete without few chatty words about films. The charismatic beauty smiles back and says, “I have no plans of doing any films. I have got a lot of offers but I have not heard any script. I haven't decided yet.”

Madhuri Dixit

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