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Madalsa Sharma: I am looking for an opportunity where I can showcase my craft to the maximum

Madalsa Sharma speaks about seeking opportunities to showcase her craft in the world of entertainment.

Published: Saturday,May 06, 2023 07:49 AM GMT-06:00
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Madalsa Sharma

There are different stages in everyone's career. While some stay on the same path, some explore different avenues. Anupamaa actor Madalsa Sharma shares her love for her craft, struggles and the kind of parts and projects she is in the lookout for.

“For an artist, satisfaction means the end. Every day is a new day and you learn more each day and to stay in the game one must polish and mature one's art. Amitabh Bachchan ji is a living example. Same way I take my career forward. I know I have to go far. I don't dream about the past. I work for a better future,” she says.

The number of mediums, platforms and online channels, so has the competition. If you don't take up an opportunity, there are 100 more people ready to grab it. Agreeing, Madalsa says, “You are right today there are a number of platforms for an artist. So are the number of candidates. But, nobody can take your place. You have to be at the right place at the right time. These things I feel are decided by your destiny.”

About the kind of opportunities she is looking out for, the actor adds, “Like any other artist I too am looking for an opportunity where I can showcase my craft to the maximum. I would love to play today's youth, an independent girl struggling to make it big and winning it.”

On how she stays relevant, Madalsa shares that today one can update them selves all the time. “There is your mobile, google, internet, various social networking platforms. You can learn from anywhere,” she says.

Which series have you seen many times and consider your reference textbook? “I love the Outlander series and the characterisation of the female lead. Also I’ve watched Lizzie McGuire many times as a teenager,” she adds.

Madalsa Sharma Anupamaa 

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