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Khichdi Special--Here Again!!

A New Dish From the Telly Buzz Kitchen!Is your mouth watering? Wondering what the menu for the day is? Get in here and have a look...


Hello and Welcome Friends to Another fortnightly column from the Tellybuzz Team! This is a one-stop hub for your appetite related craving! In today's Menu, we've Smiley Sausages, Gossipy Gravy, and the special for the day will be that your favorite Stars and shows will be Dissected here! An article with all the ingredients to make for a mouth watering and finger licking Dish ! Are you ready to Have it !!

This is very simple! We will provide pictures of 3 actors, Male/Female and you just have to post your choice , as to who has got the ultimate Million Dollar Smile !

Our chosen actors for this fortnight are : Fathers of Small screen!

Hair : Bone of Contention this time around is Hair.The ever growing hair of Male Protagonists of small screen, looks like they have boycotted the Salon and want to compete with the popular Bahus in every department! or what else could be the reason of their ever so growing flowing hair…lil birdie told us it could be the influence of King Khan on Television .as Shabbir Ahluwalia,Naman Shaw , Sharad Malhotra ,Aditya Narayan ,Mukul Dev ,Akashdeep Shaigal ,Karan Patel and many others are sporting a pony at the end!

We have three Men who Ignited the small screen and Tellybuzz with their sheer Presence, Charm and Style. Saif at his suave and sophisticated best , Karan with his Cool dude image and Aamir with his ever so enduring smile! Drool Girls…They all are yours…

We will take a show and will point out its USP(Unique Selling point ) and LSP(Least Selling point, a TB Term) respectively! We have chosen DMG.. for this Fortnight!

Dill Mill Gayee

The USP of the show is the focus on youth, humorous dialogue and plot, and its' distinct characters, also this is one show not from the Ekta soap factory.

The Bakwaas is that few medical cases are not covered at all, because of the show's love-centered plot. It's not much of a medical show, hence the name Dill Mill Gayye. The other bakwaas is that the patients mostly exist to play cupid between the two leads of the show Armaan and Riddhima.

We will analyze the newly launched show, in this section from top to toe!

The show is about women and their trial and tribulations in the male dominated society . The week was more about introducing the characters and how the only bread earner of the family is managing everyone and everything single handedly, with court cases to his business . They hinted that rocky days are ahead for the ladies of the show in form of Baldev’s accident in the first week itself.

About Actors : Kiran Kumar is as usual at his natural best, but this can't be said about the rest of them. All the women are trying their heart out to act , which is coming across and looks unnatural from all the angles. New girls need time, but they need to work on their Voice modulation, at the earliest.

Set : Looks Like one ! And that’s the biggest Flaw, with Grass at their courtyard to the verandah, everything needs touchup! Hope they use some natural light if they are short on LIGHTS!

Soap Ratings: This Show get TWO SOAPS from Us!

* 1 soap – stinky one , 2 soaps –slippery with no fragrance , 3 soaps- sandalwood with rose petal, 4 soaps- must use/watch an imported one *
  • The death of yet another loved jodi - Sumit and Kumkum, and now all await their re-birth.

And we leave you with the question of the fortnight…

Why do all the hospitals in Balaji shows or for that matter in most of the shows are called City Hospital?

Start thinking now! Enjoy this Khichdi Special till we meet again!!

Concept & Author :Nishtha
Banner, Glitter Text :*Kruthi*


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AnkitaKaran 6 years ago U rock Karan Patel ...,,,,,,...,,..,,.,,,,,
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Yuvika_15 12 years ago thats really sad... this was on the news all day today!!! may god give amitabh and his family strength in this hard time
flowertot 12 years ago may allah bless her soul . it difficult when u lose your loved one specially your mother . my condolances to bachan family,kuhda sab ko hosla aur himat de (ameen)
ixray 12 years ago i thought akasahdeep had been sporting a pony tail on and off since 2004.
i luv karan
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Nishtha 12 years ago his name is Anand Suryavanshi shehzadi91..

lol :P
-shehzaadi- 12 years ago the guy in the middle has the best smile (don't know his name)
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