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Kareena, kya hum Milenge Milenge?

Boney Kapoor said that Shahid has already completed his part of promoting the film and at the moment the release depends on Kareena...

Published: Monday,Apr 12, 2010 13:25 PM GMT-06:00
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Milenge Milenge has been delayed for quiet a while now and everytime fans of Kareena and Shahid start to losing heart as to whether a comeback from their favourite jodi is to factually be expected, some buzz crops up to keep the hopes afloat. Latest we have, Boney Kapoor announcing that he will release his film soon. (Of course, soon is here is majorly debatable, and extremely unreliable - a lesson we have learned the hardest way!)

Still, that is as sources claim.

Boney Kapoor was heard to say that Shahid has already completed his segment for the movie's promotional video and the current hiatus can be relieved only by co star and ex, Kareena Kapoor.

The video was choreographed by Ahmed Khan and written by Himesh Reshammiya. It is interesting to note, that the title lyrics run something such... Sab kuch khatam hokar bhi tere mere darmiyaan kuch to baqi hai... an intriguing irony as one thinks of the real life parallel between Shahid and Bebo!

Boney Kapoor claims that separate promotions by the two leads is part of the strategy on his behalf.

Perhaps, that is the case - except, are we really that gullible?

The only obvious impression we gather is Kareena's reluctance to work along side ex boyfriend Shahid, if she can avail an alternative.

'Milenge Milenge', has surely created significantly more buzz than its counterparts; as for its fate at Box Office we at Bolly Curry wish the team our very best.

(Of course all that said, we're still keeping our fingers crossed that the release will not remain a major myth for long!)

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