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Karan's Koffee With the Queen of Tellydom - Ekta Kapoor!!

Catch Ekta Kapoor being quizzed on Koffee with Karan.Get a Glance at the Happening Men of Tellydom - Ram Kapoor, Hiten Tejwani and Ronit Roy!!

Published: Friday,May 25, 2007 12:17 PM GMT-06:00
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Are You ready to take yet another Sip of Hot Koffee? Weekends have been joyous and funfilled with Karan�s Koffee and this week, Karan has the Queen of Tellydom Ekta Kapoor in conversation. Joining her on an Exciting Evening are the Happening Men of Tellydom � Ram Kapoor, Hiten Tejwani and Ronit Roy.. Fasten your seat belts, as we are all set for a memorable Episode this Sunday.

She�s the One-Man Army. She�s mastered the art of capturing all the attention of the viewers, she�s given a new meaning to the term �Daily Soaps�. She�s been the Darling of Many a Stars!! They don�t� call her the �Queen of Prime Time� for nothing! She�s combated cricket, game shows, reality shows and always emerged victorious! Karan�s first guest this week is none other than Ekta Kapoor!

In this very exciting episode, watch Ekta talk about the winning streak which she has always possessed since she was a child- from a desire to win dance competitions at birthday parties to being numero uno in her field. She discusses the twists and turns, generation leaps, murders and comebacks, which are created in shows to combat competition! She also clears all speculation on her relationship with Smriti Irani and Rajeev Khandelwal! On the other hand, her favorite men- Ram, Ronit and Hiten talk about the warm bond they share with Ekta and how they deal with her temperamental nature.
They admit on the show that they owe their success to her, along with hundreds of other actors who are now millionaires thanks to her! Also, watch an entertaining vox-pop in which the aam junta and members of the Balaji fraternity choose the perfect husband for Ekta. Who is the favorite contender? Is it Jai Walia, Rahul Bajaj, Karan Virani, Mihir Virani or Sujal? Or even better� is it Karan Johar!

That�s not all, the tables turn this time round! In the much awaited rapid fire round, Karan hands the reigns to Ram, Ronit and Hiten who quiz Ekta on her likes and dislikes! Which Bollywood couple would win in Nach Baliye and who would lose? Who is the �Amitabh Bachchan� of television? Who is the Ekta Kapoor of Bollywood? Who is the most over-rated actor on television? The one actor, whom she discovered, she is proud of? What is Ba�s real age? Is it 100+, 200+ or more than that? Does Ekta succeed in winning the hamper? Watch out in this week�s exciting episode of Koffee with Karan.

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: Look at you� looking all glamorous! I look at you like this and get the visual of the same little podgy girl. Look at me talking, I was double your size then, dancing in Abhishek�s birthday party in a silver dress�you looked like a silver ball� like a silver disco ball.

Ekta: (Laughing) Disco Rani!

Karan: And you were doing this little disco step and I remember you crying because you came third!

Ekta: I came third and they gave the first prize to Adi and I wanted that prize.

Karan: Now, it�s a lesser-known fact that Aditya Chopra won over Hrithik Roshan in the dance competition. Hrithik came second and Aditya Chopra came first and you came third and I remember you bawling and then Adi very magnanimously gave you the crown and made you get the first prize!

Ekta: I think it was in his genes to be extremely gentlemanly.

Karan: Now when I look at you I think life has taken a complete circle with him doing so well and you doing so well!

Ekta: I hope in the future also he gives me something generously. (Laughs)

Karan: But really today you are the queen of prime time. Two years ago I told you the same thing. Two years later you�re even beyond that. How does it feel to be the numero uno in your field?

Ekta: You know what? It has been the same! There was a sense of complacency, which had come into the medium a couple of months ago when there was no competition and we were doing well. But now suddenly with Zee coming up, it�s becoming tougher to be on the top. But the fun, the aggression, and the competition that TV has now�it�s only going to get better and more fun!

Karan: Ram, she has had a problem with you earlier during your bout with Ghar Ek Mandir

Ram: Yeah! I have to say I was a very different person at that point of time. She gives all the credit to my wife for changing me and I have to agree with her because my first innings in television was more of discovery. I was deciding where I want to be.

Ekta: And you know what happened? I didn�t know at that point of time that Gautami and he were seeing each other and I bitched him out to Gautami only!

Karan: Ronit� you are the blue eyed boy of Balaji. You are practically in every show. With grey hair in some, without grey hair in the other! You play all kinds of ages, stages, rages, everything�How is it working with Ekta?

Ronit: You know there was a point in my life where there was a lot of alcoholism. One evening, this friend of mine called Raj, who was looking after my work, he came back home after meeting a producer. I asked him, �What did he say?� so he went and he fixed me a drink and said, �Let it go, we just had a chat!� so I said, �No, tell me! I am a big boy, I can handle it!� He said, �You know Ronit� You are done! He said why should I take Ronit when I can cast any junior artist with more talent and less money!� and I thought, �Yeah man! Maybe I am done!� and then Ekta came along and Balaji came along and I said to myself, �No! I�m not!� At that point of time, Karan, I really did not know which way to go so that�s why I always thank her. She has brought a dead actor, a dead human being� she has resurrected me!

Karan: Hiten, you are a young boy today. You are in your early 30�s but you are playing what� a 50 year old man in one show and who knows with another leap you will be 80 soon but you have the love and the regard of millions of people at such a young age. How does it feel?

Hiten: It feels very nice. I never thought of it! I always wanted to be somebody somewhere and suddenly one day everything happened and it�s all her (Ekta) doing!

So, don�t forget to tune in as Karan chats with Ekta Kapoor with her favorite leading men- Ram Kapoor, Ronit Roy and Hiten Tejwani on Koffee with Karan this Sunday, May 27th at 9 30 p.m. on Star One and at 9 p.m. on Star World.

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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kbakshi 16 years ago excellent article. coffee with Karan is
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