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Karan Razdan's 'Mittal Vs Mittal' offers message on marital ties

Ask Karan Razdan about the message he wants to impart to the society through his recent movie 'Mittal Vs. Mittal'

Published: Monday,Feb 04, 2008 15:28 PM GMT-07:00
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Ask Karan Razdan about the message he wants to impart to the society through his recent movie ' and he instantly answers, "The message that this film offers is that the women need not have to suffer any longer, but fight for their rights".

In reply to a question, Karan says that he hopes to release the film around April or May as he thinks that the holidays are best time to release any film. When we asked the director about the film’s art direction he said, "My art director is Ajay Verkar and he is with me since 'Girl Friend'. Ajay also did 'Umar'. He is a very creative art director because in these types of films realism and glamour both are needed. If only glamour has to be taken care of then it is not tough for the art director, but when both realism and glamour are to be mixed then it gets a little defining for the art director and what ever Ajay has done is wonderful. His work in this film is very good."

When Karan was quizzed about the subject of his film, he explained that 'Mittal Vs. Mittal’ is based on the Domestic Violence Act, 2005, which was passed by Parliament recently. “In the film we question whether the Act is going to really help women or they are going to misuse it. The story revolves around the post-marital relation of Rohit and Rituparna. Sometime after her marriage
Karan Razdans Mittal Vs Mittal offers message on marital ties
Rituparna begins to feel and realize that her husband is raping her every night.”

Karan is of the opinion that this kind of topic has not been dealt before and may not be dealt for a few more years. He also believes that this topic is not even touched by Bollywood's counterparts. It’s a good imagination, and we guess and really want that this film becomes a good film as he has made good films after his stint with 'Hawas' and 'Girl Friend'. In 'Umar' Karan dealt with the issue of senior citizens, many of whom are taken abroad by their children and made to work as servants. The film brought a very noble idea to life, but had it been a little commercial it, could have won the battle. This time the film seems a mixture of both – a strong social message and commercial element.

When asked apart from dealing with the law, what else does the film offers, Karan says, "’Mittal vs. Mittal’ has love, humor, marriage, fights and when the fight is brought into the bedroom then Rituparna realizes that her husband is raping her everyday. When she meets Suchitra Krisnamorty, who advises her to file divorce and fights her case against Rohit, whose advocate is played by Gulshan Grover, and the way both the lawyers fight in the courtroom is to be seen. I think this will be one the best courtroom scenes.”

On what made him decide on Suchitra as she has been out of films for a long time, Karan says that she has been a friend and his friend Shekhar's ex-wife. “I had gone to their wedding also. I knew her and when I was looking for an artist cast for this role Suchitra’s name came to my mind. I had heard she is also eager to make a comeback.”

He is also very clear when we ask him what changes this film can bring in the society. He says that films can not bring any revolution or sudden change in the society, but the message can be absorbed by individuals. They can debate on the subject and give their opinion on whether the law is correct or it is being misused like the Section 498-A. “I think the discussion on the topic by audiences or in the media will be healthy for the society,” he says.

When asked what made him choose Rohit and Rituparna as his lead cast in the film, Karan says, "Any thing said about Rituparna will be less. She is a national award wining actress and has given very good performances in her films. On the other hand, Rohit has been a known face of television and recently he started his career in films and I thought they both suited the characters and this is how I got them on board." About the rest of the cast he says Anjan Srivastav and Rema Lagoo are playing Rituparna's parents, while Dolly Thakore is playing Rohit' s mother.

Karan says Rituparna's parents are from the middle class, where as Rohit belongs to an economically higher class. When he is teased by a question that why he took so much time in bringing this film when he used to come with a new movie every few months previously, he said, "I had to go to Scotland to shoot for 'Mr Bhatti on Chutti'. It was shot in the Lake District, a very beautiful place, and I don't think completing one film in 3-4 months is not a bad thing." He says that besides beside 'Mr. Bhatti on Chutti', he is also coming up with another comedy called 'Hospital Hospital'. This will be a comedy from the beginning, but have a serious ending.
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