Karan Johar on inviting the Khans in 'KWK 7': I can get them for a party but not on my show

Talking about his new season of Koffee With Karan with a media house, Karan Johar spilled the beans on how he couldn't manage to get all the Khans for the show.

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Three Khans and Karan Johar

The seventh season of Karan Johar's talk show, Koffee With Karan, is about to premiere. In an interview with a media house, on the set of the show, Karan admitted that sometimes celebrities get into trouble for what they say. 

He stated that, even if actors may say the same thing elsewhere, they don't experience the same level of blowback they get on my show. He expressed that he feels doomed by the reputation of his show. People are itching to attack individuals because they said something on Koffee With Karan. Additionally, he claimed that he had tried to secure the presence of Salman, Aamir, or Shah Rukh this time around, and that Ranbir Kapoor had declined to join. 

While talking to NDTV, he quoted, 

"The 3 Khans are not coming on this season, I don't have the power to pull them. I can get them for a party but not on my show. I can't manage two also out of the three Khans. Ranbir told me 'I am not coming'. He said I will say something and I may be in some trouble so I don't want to come."

Tons of people have been thrilled by the show, but it has also gotten Karan into difficulty with nepotism, a problem that won't go away. Talking about the same Karan said that, this show introduced him to the subject of nepotism, and it hasn't left him or the business since. He received abuses and trolling for it, but as time passed, he stopped caring. 

In the 7th season of the show, Karan also notices a significant change in the manner he hosts the program. During the seasons, there has been a lot more unabashedness and ease, he remarked.

The show will air on Disney Hotstar from 7th July and the first celebrity duo to grace the couch will be Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. 

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they wont come until they are 65+ and no one is interested in them anymore

2 years ago

Koffe with karan is back why? 😑

2 years ago

LOL! So this gossippy nonsense is still on? Yaaaaaaawwwnn

2 years ago

He is talking about getting the three Khans together on KW7

2 years ago

We have to say thanks to KWK that it has shown how much bullying is happening in Bollywood. It's such a mafia industry with bitches around and KARAN JOHAR is one of the main culprit.

2 years ago

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