It's Raining Single Men on Karva Chauth

Telly Buzz brings a Special Feature on Karva Chauth, but with a difference. Here we are, talking to 5 unmarried MEN in the television Industry to know their views, i.e a Bachelor's views on this Ladies' Ritual - Karva Chauth..

The one festival that is the utmost romantic,to a couple in love is: Karva Chauth. Karva Chauth is a day when a girl, married or unmarried, keeps fast for the person she loves the most. A girl fasts the whole day, without consuming even a single drop of water, and breaks her fast only at night, after seeing the moon, and after praying for the well being of her beloved. Karva chauth, the festival that every Indian girl in love looks forward to,will be celebrated this year on Monday, the 29th October,2007.

The Telly Buzz team decided to do something different this time, leave the ladies to concentrate on the ritual, and catch hold of the men folk in the industry. So here we are, with few guys who are on their way to what they call, the Bitter side of life, while some, who just love the independent bachelor life. The actors include: Vivan Bathena and Ajay Krish, who are engaged; Raj Singh Arora who is in love for the last few years; and lastly, Vikas Manaktala and Sharad Malhotra, who simply prefer to stay way away from the ‘Kiss of Love’. Let’s put these young handsome hunks on the spot light and test their level of commitment for the women they love, or would love in future.

Sharad Malhotra, the Favorite of all Girls, is the First on the Hot Seat.. He claims that he has no girl in his life as of now; but bet, every single girl reading this, will feel special on knowing him more..

Would you fast for your future wife or girlfriend?

Ofcourse yes, if a girl can fast for me, I too can..

Assume, you make the rules for a day, where you do something to tell your girl that she means a lot to you. What will you do?

Well, this is purely hypothetical, because I have not found my girl as of now. But yes, I would probably make her feel wanted, make her feel special, and give her the nice feeling, that she is the one who I have been waiting for. I would do all the smallest things possible to make her feel good, like giving her flowers, taking her on a nice drive, sitting and talking with her..

So who is the girl who is going to perform Karva Chauth for you this year?

Well, actually speaking, I really dont know where to go and who to leave. I am in a dilemma.. (laughs). Jokes apart, i am enjoying life yaar, why do you want me to get caught? Life has not started for me yet, let me warm up first.. (laughs). Yes, talking about this custom, I have witnessed my mom performing the Karva Chauth, she always wears a red saree or red suit and deligently keeps fast the whole day, and breaks it after seeing the moon.. So i know all about the custom, but again, let me tell you, I have not found my girl…(laughs)

Were you this naughty even as a child? Any childhood moment with girls, that you would want to tell us..

When I was in the 11th or 12th, I used to get 100 blank calls on the Valentines Day. Those were nice days, when roaming around with girls was harmless, and we used to go on long drives and go watch a movie..

Any recent incident with your female fans that you would like to mention?

Last month,when I was at Mauritius for the Gold Awards, after the event, I was walking out of the venue, when a massive crowd assembled there to catch a glimpse of all, and talk to their favorite stars. One girl broke all the security and came running to me. She asked me to give a peck on her cheeks. The best part was that, I got embarassed and just could not do it. Finally, the girl kissed me on my cheeks and ran away.. (laughs).

Your favourite romantic song which you would dedicate to your future lover or wife?

It has always been Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Main, the age old classic. Whenever I am roaming around, I keep singing this song, thinking that, one day, one girl will come up to me and say this is exactly what I feel for you.. (laughs and blushes...)

Vivan Bhatena, is the next handsome hunk to be grilled. For Vivan, this Karva Chauth and the coming Valentines is very special, as he is going to be tagged in a wed-lock the coming March..

Would you fast for your girlfriend on Karva chauth?

Ya sure, why not! She had given up sweets in the middle for one year. So to give her company, I had given up sweets too, not for 1 year, but for 1 month.. (laughs) So I think I can try to fast, but having said this, I wonder how I will be able to fast, because I need something to eat every 2 hours. When I am not in bed and moving, I always feel like eating. So I just cannot think of fasting as of now. Probably, when I get older and wiser, I might be able to.. (laughs).

Assume, you make the rules for a day, where you do something to tell your girl how much she means to you. What will you do?

I would probably do all the things that she basically likes. She loves fun things, to play games, then go for a movie. She loves hi-dinner, so I might take her to one. Take her out on a holiday, get her shop as much as she wants. Infact, above all this, she will be happy that I am spending so much time with her, so time with me is proably what she will cherish more..

What has she planned for Karva chauth this year?

I seriously do not know what she has planned. But I guess, she will fast. Probably, after talking to you, I will call her and ask her about her plans. But yes, this is going to be a special Karva chauth, and this years' Valentines will be very special for us, bcos we are getting married the coming March. So we will have fun..

Dedicate a song to your loved one.

The song from Om Shanti Om – Ankhon main teri…

This is a day for your girlfriend – so any incident that you want to share with us?

The special moment for us was when during her birthday, I proposed to her. The very funny incident that I want to share is when, once I took her for dinner, she took me to the spa there. She wanted me to have a manicure and a pedicure done, and I was so uncomfortable sitting there. The whole salon was staring and laughing at us. But it was so sweet of her, to make me do that..

Ajay Kkrish, is another star who is all set to tie a knot next year. Here he is, talking about Karva Chauth.

Would you fast for your girl friend on Karva Chauth?

No! (Laughs) I don’t think I can stay hungry all day. It’s like next to impossible.

If your girl friend has planned to fast for you this year, what would your ideal plan be?

I would cook a really nice lunch for her, and she’ll be forced to break her fast. (Laughs) See, I don’t think my girl friend needs to starve all day just to prove her love to me. I am not against the whole concept of Karva Chauth, in fact I highly respect girls who fast the whole day, but come on yaar, eat and enjoy!

If you had to pick a day where you had to do something for your girl friend, what would you do?

I would do anything that she wants me to, simply anything, it’s her wish and my command. If I had to give her a surprise or something, then I would probably plan the most ideal date for us. I am more of an indoor date guy. I would cook the perfect meal for her at home. May be some nice pasta, since we both love Italian food, and that’s one thing that I can cook well. And I would place hundreds of candles all over the floor, since I love candles a lot, and we would both have a romantic dinner sitting on the floor.

Dedicate a song to your loved one.

'I feel you in my senses'.

So when’s the D day? And who is the lucky girl?

Probably next year, and about who that girl is, still remains a secret.

Vikas Manaktala, is a star loved and adored by girls all over. He is happy to call his work as his 'Lady Love' and here he is, talking about his thoughts on Karva Chauth.

Would you also keep fast with your partner on this day?

Fasting!! Tough job!! Best that I would do is to take her out to dinner after asking her not to fast, because then, even I don't have to fast. I would rather love sitting with her, gazing at her, in a romantic set up, and have something to eat than going on a fast. But yes, on the other hand, if she feels from her heart that she wants to do it, then maybe, I would support her as much as I can.

So that means you would keep fast if she does so?

Well tricky… Okay see, I would rather say, I am actually married to my work now, when I am talking to you. And my work-wife would not be keeping any fast. So just now, I need not think about fasting, and get traumatized mentally. Better I have my full quota of food till I find someone, but with the hope that she would listen to my plea of not fasting.

And now when you find that person and you feel you want to dedicate a song to her on this day, which one would you do so?

"Everything I do, I do it for you" by Bryan Adams, I would dedicate this song but see it's for the one whom I still have to find.

Any fond memories of the day or has anyone ever kept fast for you ?

Fine… See, I had one girl friend once. But it wasn't that formal. We never reached that stage and now I have got over that too. Yes of this day I still remember how our neighbours, aunties and all getting together and doing lot of stuff, getting ready and becoming beautiful for the evening to do the Puja and all that. And I used to encourage them all and be a part of all that fun.

Raj Singh Arora, another Ladies' favorite, has been dating his girl friend for few years now. We got his quotes along with his girl friend Swathi's quotes too, on Karva Chauth.

Would you fast for Swati?

No, I would not.

Assume, you make the rules for a day, where you do something to tell your girl how much she means to you. What will you do?

I would go to her, be sweet and ask her permission to date other girls!

What? You would do that to her for her special day?

hehehe! I am in a very naughty mood right now as we are going to step inside the theatre to watch a movie.
(He turns to her and asks - what should I do for you baby? )

And then tells me: Why don't you ask her?

Swati: i would want to share with you guys something very sweet that Raj did for me. On 8th of this month, on my birthday, Raj got me a beautiful bunch of red roses first thing in the morning. And he threw a surprise party for me. He got our whole gang together and it was such a lovely surprise! I don't think I could ask for a better thing than this!

Over to Raj, what would you choose, Valentine day or Karva Chauth?

Valentines day.

Any special incident that you remember about Karva Chauth?

Swati does not do karva Chauth and nor wud she want to do it. (laughs). So for me, Karva Chauth is quite 'incident free' !


As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So true! Men can fight battles, prepare a romantic get away, and work till the wee hours, they are ready to make all sacrifices, but cannot seem to give up food even for a single day. Nevertheless, no matter how food-o-holics these guys get, women continue to shower their love on their beloved, through the festive occasion of Karva Chauth.

So here’s wishing all the love birds a very happy Karva Chauth, and wishing that along with the moon rise, every single woman fasting, gets to see her Prince Charming… Happy Karva Chauth to all, for more Features, keep glued to Telly Buzz..

Reporter: Minnie Gupta, Barnali, Srividya Rajesh, Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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