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Instant tadka: Samosa with Purab kohli

We make YUMMY SAMOSAS mixed with the amazing ROCK ON Band with the cute and charming Purab Kohli!

Published: Sunday,Aug 31, 2008 12:41 PM GMT-06:00
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Instant Tadka With Purab Kohli

Instant Tadka is a Bolly Curry Special in which each week one actor will make a special dish for you with their recent films! Full of imagination and delicious ingredients, Instant Tadka starts of this week with the sweet, cute, and talented Purab Kohli who was recently seen K.D. in the super hit film ROCK ON!! So get ready as Purab is cooking delicious Samosa using his ROCK ON team as the ingredients....

Rock on

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Flour (Maida)- As it binds everything it has to be Kuttu, Abhishek Kapoor

Potatoes- Me , that’s the fun part

Green Peas- Luke

Green Chilies- Shahana

Ginger- Farhan

Garam masala- Arjun, as the character is an intense guy..

Raisins- Prachi

Red chilli power- Koel

Salt for taste- Nicolette

Well Purab the Samosa look delicious, yummy and tempting to us and we have to say Purab did a great job! Till then everyone see you next week with another celebrity playing the yummy round of Instant Tadka!

Purab Kohli Abhishek Kapoor

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