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In Conversation with Amardeep Jha

Portraying the Character of the grandmother in Bidaai, Amardeep Jha talks to the Telly Buzz team about her take on the story line and much more...

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Amardeep Jha, best known for her cameo her the block buster movie – Devdas, now hits the small screens with Rajan Shahi’s Bidaai. Bidaai, is a story about the journey of two cousins who are segregated by the color barrier put forth by the society.

Amardeep talks to the Telly Buzz team, addressing the issue of girl’s being outlawed due the color of their skin and how can one over come the society barriers…

Describe your character in the story:

I play a grandmother who is very possessive about her granddaughter, like all grandmothers are. I cannot stand Sadhna as she is fairer than my grand daughter. So you can’t say it’s a negative role, but yes, she does come out as negative because of her possessiveness for her family.

Your take on the concept of the story:

This is a show that focuses on a typical small town family, and whether we belive it or not, such issues do take place in real life. And its good that he address such issues, so hopefully the girls who are going thru this situation might be able to stand up for themselves and come out of it.

Any tips on how can a girl who is facing such a situation get out of it?

See, every girl, whether a small towner or a person living in the metro, they all need to be educated. Only when a girl is educated can a girl stand up for self, by earning and getting the right exposure to life. I am not saying that beauty is not important, it absolutely is. But with the right education and the level of confidence going up, the girl can start grooming her self, like the right clothes, make up, accessories, etc. But if a girl is beautiful and she isn’t educated, then what’s the point? And a girl’s life doesn’t revolve only around marriage. If the girl is educated, she will find a nice guy, and she can make a happy family, but with just beauty you cant really do much.

After films you’re hitting the small screen, your comments on that:

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the small screen, about the hectic schedules, etc. But it’s a job, and one has to do what one needs to.

A comment about the girls:

The two girls – Parul and Sara, are excellent. They are going to go beyond all expectations, and I truly wish the best for them…

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

Amardeep Jha

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CarulinaTina 13 years ago She does a great job portraying her character, thanks :)
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--Pinky-- 13 years ago Thanks for the article, in the serial she is very loving towards Ragini and wants to get rid of Sadhna. I would not classify her character as negative, but she does want to separate the 2 girls who love each other very much.
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AVFAN 13 years ago She is really a good actress & I love her conspiracies against Sadhna. thanks for the article.
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