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I haven't had a breakup with Mohit; it's just a small break Udita

After an amazing skin show in her debut Paap, Udita not only earned a huge fan following but also successfully registered her name in Bhatt camp and especially in the heart of director Mohit Suri.

Published: Monday,Jul 14, 2008 21:48 PM GMT-06:00
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After an amazing skin show in her debut Paap, Udita not only earned a huge fan following but also successfully registered her name in Bhatt camp and especially in the heart of director Mohit Suri. But it’s been heard that the closeness between Kangana Ranaut with her boy Mohit on the sets of Raaz 2 created a rift between Udita and Mohit. Anyways, rubbishing these stories Udita has a different tale to tell us. Let’s hear this damsel’s love story coming out of her own mouth.

Q. What do you have to say about your breakup episode with Mohit?
A. See, it’s not like that. I haven’t had any kind of breakup with Mohit. It’s just that we two have taken a small break. In fact, I have opted for this so that I can concentrate more on my career. I haven’t taken my career seriously and I now regret doing that. The stories related to my breakup with Mohit are all false. Even at present we talk on phone for hours.

Q. We have also heard that after getting into a relationship with Mo
I havent had a breakup with Mohit; its just a small break  Udita
hit it was your conscious decision on signing lesser films?
A. It’s nothing like that. People think that since I am involved in a relation I have been denied working in films or I don’t have any interest left for working in movies. The fact is I got involved with a person who is famous and known to everyone. Secondly I am the kind of girl who instead of socializing and meeting others, prefers to sit back at home which has really affected my career in a big way. But now I have changed this policy of mine. I have started meeting people so that they feel my desire to work in their movies.

Q. Normally the acting ability of model-turned actors are always been questioned. Had you ever faced any such kind of problem?
A. If that’s so then why do producers and directors take them in their films? Instead of taking a model they could go to sign in for talented actors who have mastered the art of acting or they can choose their lead from any of the drama schools. The truth is that modeling has given some big stars to Bollywood. The best examples can be Asihwarya Rai Bachchan, Bipasha Basu and John Abraham.

Q. Do you feel that an actress’ name being linked with any director benefits her or has a negative effect on her career?
A. This isn’t at all benefits her career. At least I didn’t get any benefit from this. The fact is no one calculates profit or loss before getting involved in a relationship. While shooting for Zeher, the time Mohit and I fell for each other, we had decided that we won’t work together in the future as people would think that he, being my boy friend, is offering me good and strong characters.

Q. So won’t you be seen working in Bhatt camp either?
A. Bhatt camp is different thing altogether. There’s a difference between working with Mohit and in a project of Bhatt camp.

Q. Then what’s the reason that after Zeher you were never seen in any of Bhatt camps flicks?
A. See, first of all I want to make myself clear that I am not related to any of the camps. I have just started my career and I don’t wanted to be associated with any one camp but want to work with everyone. I have just worked in four films among which two were for Bhatt camp. It would be wrong to relate me with any camp in such a short career span.

Q. But it’s a normal thing to get tagged with the camp you made your debut with. Then why are you getting bothered about it?
A. No, I don’t want to be tagged with any camp. At present I just want to work with different people. It would be only after that I would think of me joining any of camps and that, too, if I feel to.

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