'I have got a lot going for me' - Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet overwhelmed with the massive fan response received post Kahin Toh Hoga and Saarthi and Durgesh Nandini..

Published: Saturday,Oct 27, 2007 09:41 AM GMT-06:00
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After becoming increasingly popular in Kahin To Hoga, good looking lad Gurpreet sure seems to be bringing about a lot of attention to Asit Modi's show ,where he has been introduced post the two year leap. He has now entered Sony's Durgesh Nandini too, where he plays the role of Sikander.

Apparently the man has a huge fan following with many of then storming into the sets everyday to have a glimpse of Gurpreet. Not only is he getting rave reviews for his performace as Rudr in the show but is highly admired by producer Asit Modi, as well who had a huge belief in the chap.

Gurpreet who seems to look pretty unaffected with all the attention he is getting says shyly," By the grace of God, I have got a lot going for me, and I'm content the things are shaping up. People tell me they have started watching the show as well after I joined it. Their affection just goes on to prove that I'm doing a good job and it's very encouraging."

Well Gurpreet, make hay while the sun shines!!!

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*sowmya* 15 years ago is this article or this jantu had written himself for his cheap publicity...this dumbo can go to any extent for his publicity...has a fan following hahahaha itni bi jhoot mat bolna ke bardassh se baharho...bhagwan bi tumhe maaf nahi kareinge
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shinu 15 years ago thank u gurpreet for coming back on screen after a long time i m dieinngly waiting for ur come back and same here i have started watching the serioal when u arrived into it
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Daebak 15 years ago Well gurry's wife showed up on sbs and deposited a gift saying that this was sent by a fan,she wanted sbs to open it n show all i guess...yuck!! y didnt she just take it home to him i wonder,self publicity!!........it was a huge wrapped box with a doll and gurry's pics!!....hahaha...imagine a doll..... n some other stuff....but from inside that gift box,out came his wife's purse n credit cards.....hahaha.......so much for the gift being sent by a fan...crap!! And the worst part......It was handed over on Rajeev's birhtday and it said Happy birthday Sujal but it was for gurry....ughh ....his fans dunno his birhtday???...I hope now u know what happened on SBS....wadzup123456
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power_play 15 years ago Is this article to nullify the SBS fiasco??

I really do wonder !!!

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**sanya** 15 years ago hang o a mint help me out bit am quiet new!
do we members get 2 write an article also
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evloveme 15 years ago he is so hot!!!


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natz 15 years ago I have a lot to say about this article, I've tuned in to IF after a long time, so I'm not aware of the progress Gurry's been making, but one thing is for sure. I see a remarkable change in the way the articles are written about him.
1. He's shy...not arrogant, like the earlier articles reported him to be
2. He's UNAFFECTED by the attention he's getting...hey, is this the same Gurpreet Singh who replaced Rajeev as Sujal in KTH??? Hard for me to believe

I might sound as a hardcore Rajeev fan {which I'm not} but I think all of this planted by Star who tried to justify Gurpreet eversince he joined KTH, I watched his performance on and off and found him to be an extremely robotic mediocre actor. He couldn't walk properly, his dialogue delivery was very poor...as his eyes, emotionless...STONE COLD! For me, that's the biggest turn off...his body language and his eyes don't seem to back up his words.

As for the suit he's wearing. Please! There's something known as 'decency' I don't know what kind of character he's playing at the moment, but this surely isn't my way of associating a person to the terms 'hot' and 'handsome'...at least not until he takes that joke of a suit to the garbage can.

As for his face and body. You have to give him that. The rugged look is awesome, he's good looking no doubt, and he's got a well toned body...classics for a model, I would want him in a deo, shaving cream, suiting or bike ad, but there's a bit more to it in acting which Mr. Gurpreet Singh really needs to learn!

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pinky no1
pinky no1 15 years ago thanx Gurpreet u rock,love u forever m watching saarthi n durgesh nandini only for u.u r the best Gurpreet Singh is the best.
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amail1601 15 years ago Waise I wanted to ignore this article, but one thing I would like to say...that sbs incident was so foolish, immature n disgusting...my mom started watching sbs a month ago, but after that incident she has stopped watching it again...that was a really yucky thing to do.

I haven't seen this actor's performance, but I didn't like his offscreen actions either.

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Varallikka 15 years ago correction dear togepe...first ask him to confirm if kanishka is really his wife or did all that marriage ceremonies that was telecasted in sbs n ppkrn was just a shooting of some b grade movie which did never relese.....or did they have had an secret divorce at the first night it self....
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