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'I am not dissented, I am just disappointed' - Babul Supriyo

In spite of being appreciated for his performances, Babul Supriyo finds himself in the danger zone. And now it's rumoured that he plans to quit the show. Read to find what's happening...

Published: Tuesday,Mar 25, 2008 21:11 PM GMT-06:00
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Babul Supriyo seemed to be the talk of the town with his past performances on NDTV Imagine's Dhoom Macha De, where he touched the souls of the judges and his fellow contestants with his sensational performance 'Yeh Kya Hua' from the movie Amar Prem.

However, things turned sour when the SMS results were announced, where Babul found himself in the danger zone, despite scoring the best from the judges and even winning the special judges' momento. Babul expressed his disappointment on the show, followed by promos and rumors spreading that the singer was planning to quit the show and blaming the channel to have sacked him due to the ongoing case with NDTV Imagine, for signing a contract for K for Kishore on Sony.

The Telly Buzz team spoke to the singer who clears the air and gives us an exact picture of what's truly going behind the scenes.

I am not dissented, I am just disappointed - Babul Supriyo
Speaking about the issue, Babul says, "I was quite disappointed. I am also a human being ,and anyone in my place would feel hurt on whatever happened". When asked about the promos going on air that relate Babul to his ongoing case with NDTV Imagine, Babul clarified saying, "It was a momentary thing that happened. None of this was staged. I don't want to comment on the promos going on, as it's a reality show, and whatever happened was quite sensational, they did what they had to. The truth will be telecasted on Thursday. Everyone can see for themselves as to what exactly happened". But is this a hype due to the case with NDTV? "Not at all, they are completely two separated matters", clarified Babul.

When quizzed about the voting pattern, Babul replied, "Honestly, it is wrong to be judged just by SMS. But this is the show format, and I have no complaints against it. We are established singers, and we aren't here to groom ourselves, we are here to be judged by the audience. I am not dissented, I'm just disappointed. For me, the judges are like moon, fwho are far but yet, I can still see them. Audience are like a place which though might be close, I still need to reach out to them. And my efforts in doing so are still on. As far as the judges go, as it's rightly said, that Talent is rare but what's even rare is the ability to recognize the talent, and that's why the judges are here. I truly respect their opinion and trust them on making the right decision".

Finally we asked the singer if he has quit the show, and he graciously smiled and said, "NO comments on that. Watch out for Thursday episode".

Reporter and Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt
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Naina @sumonetolub 15 years ago shahid and sania......def hope that will never happen......shahid-amrita make such a cute couple.......naina
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Hafsa @вα&# 15 years ago im soooooooooooo happy dat sahid broke up wid kareena !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :D
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jaya @spyrulzdworld 15 years ago i thought sania mirza was dating irfan pathan
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Daebak @Daebak 15 years ago He is back to being linked with Amrita again!!!!!hahahaha!! check today's new article in the bollywood forum about Shahid-Amrita!!!hahahaha!!
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Mala @Malashetty 15 years ago He is a good singer, bu yes voting system thro SMS does some bad things, as people relate to the more known people and sms for them, not seeing the real talent
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