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Gaurav Gupta: As comedians, what we perform is our opinion of an issue in the society

We got in touch with Gaurav about his jokes, what he feels about OTT, reactions from trolls, and more.

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Amazon Funnies stand-up special Market Down Hai featuring popular stand-up comic Gaurav Gupta went live on May 14, 2021. The hilarious and rib-tickling act promises to give viewers worldwide a heavy dose of laughter. The teaser saw Gaurav Gupta take viewers on a fun ride where he talks about his hilarious experiences as a parent, husband, son, a Delhiite, and above all a Baniya! We got in touch with Gaurav about his jokes, what he feels about OTT, reactions from trolls, and more.

How was the reaction to the teaser?

The response has been very good and my fellow comedians too, liked the teaser and everyone found it funny. I am hopeful that the content will be appreciated by my fellow comedians and the audiences once the special is out on Amazon Prime Video.

You've mentioned how the references are from everyday life, what helps you curate things?

Basically, when you are in a middle-class family, everyone has their childhood experiences, their interactions with the parents, and their upbringing, it gives you a lot of material to do it as a stand-up. Our life is full of imperfection and that, I think, is a milestone for comedy. If I talk about all the perfect things, I will not be able to make people laugh, as opposed to the imperfections - so all those sarcastic lines, the encounters, those are the things that helped me build content.

It comes at a time when everyone can use laughter, do you think that'll give you a push?

This happens to be around this time, because the date was finalized earlier. This can be another way too, it can be good, can be bad, we need to put the content because no one knows when this pandemic is going to end. But I think it will help, and it is about the content, it isn't like people will watch it because they are home, if the content is good, it will travel, irrespective of the situation around. I think it could only be an initial advantage.

Content is the king is a commonly used phrase, but OTT gives it an additional push, but also others. What is your take on it?

If I talk about Prime Video, I feel grateful that they recognized my content and gave me their platform for my content. The content will be watchable across 240 countries, and it gives you a huge reach to the people for your content, and hence, I think this is the next thing to promote any good talent.

As an artist, where do you see things going for yourself?

I just see myself doing better stuff than what I am doing right now. I don't have set ambitions to perform at certain places or platforms but I am hopeful that my content gets better with time, which is what it is now and I get to learn more about the art form.

Jokes on social issues and current affairs are also popular, but also standing up for a cause. Is that something you see yourself doing?

In any of my jokes, I am talking about sarcasm, so basically, whatever the story we are telling as a comedian, is our take or opinion on that issue in society, so in a humorous way, we are trying to explain that this particular thing is wrong and I believe every comedian does that. For instance, the issue about Indian parents pushing their children to get married, if you crack a joke on that, you are trying to say that it is not good.

There have been instances of jokes not going well, what do you feel about it?

I don't do political jokes, if someone does it, it is their call. What I believe is that it is an internet society and we have to take applause and criticism on our own, and as an artist, we have to deal with it and it is a no-escape situation. There are people who like and share our work and there are people who feel otherwise.

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