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Furious Akshay Kumar Asks Netizens about their Contribution to the government!

The video of Akshay Kumar interviewing Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral. Many slammed the actor on social media for his actions; now he has the most befitting comeback...


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The emergence of social media has offered the netizens a green single to criticize celebrities holding a green card and considering anonymity, they are hardly afraid of speaking their mind out. But at times they also forget their cross their lines to give the actors a piece of their opinion.

The video of  Akshay Kumar interviewing Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral and since then fans have in joy. However, the actor was radar of controversy for discussion. Many fans opposed the idea of him conducting the discussion.

In a way, it seemed Akki supported the ruling party for the propagation of their agendas and the netizens were completely disagreement for his bold moves. Many took to their social media handles and express their views about the same. 

Talking about the hatred circulation around social media, Koimoi quoted Akshay saying, “Everyone has a sword in hand these days and keeps on hitting each other all day long. I don’t usually pay attention to it.”

Everyone can write about it but when the right comes to actually talk about these topics then no one has anything to say. In today’s times, anything can happen anytime, anywhere. If something does happen then come forward and talk about it rather than just writing about it. Writing about these topics isn’t going to help anyone, one needs to do something about it as well. People question the doing is the government that they haven’t done this, they haven’t said that. But they will do what they have to do. What are you doing about it? Answer me? What have you done till today?

- Akshay Kumar

Considering Akki’s career path he was also questioned about the choices of his scripts in the past 4 years. In recent years, he majorly conceived biopics, but now, he will be seen making an appearance in comedy films.

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