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Eesha asked Sonu for his son's hand on the sets of Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi

"I think we have Prem in everyone's life but just we are not able to identify them" ~ Sonu Sood

How is your experience of being Prem of a Sooraj Barjatiya’s film?

It’s been a great experience. It’s like I grown up watching Prem of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ and now I am playing Prem. So, I could really connect to the character because I am from a small town in Punjab. Prem is from Bhopal who travels to Delhi to become a singer and comes across a girl. There are lots of things which I can relate to as I m also from a small town. Rajshri is one banner I always look forward to, they are so humble and passionate about films, which helps actors a lot. So, I think it’s been a wonderful experience to be a part of Rajshri family.

How you bagged this role?

I just got a call from Rajshri one day and they said that they are making a film and narrated the role. And when I heard the script, I really loved it and become a part of it.

How close are you to this role?

I am very close. I am also from a small town and had dreams, So, I came to Bombay to make them true. And Prem is also from a small town and want to become a singer. There are lots of things that I can connect to; I have lived Prem for 6 months. I think Prem is fantastic.

There was an incident on sets where Eesha asked you for your sons hand for marriage. What was that all about?

Ishan was always in the sets playing and all. Eesha is very fond of him and he is very fond of her. So one day she told me I missing Ishaan so much and even he does, so why don’t you give me Ishaan’s hand for marriage. That was all in a fun element, but yes their bonding was very strong.

How was it working with the entire cast?

They are all very nice people. Eesha and I did a film a long time back. But after that there was long gap and we didn’t do any films together. Again the film by Rajshri is what everyone is waiting for. It was a really wonderful experience to work with all Rajshri people, as everyone is very sweet and nice and we lived like a family.

You play a character who is very committed towards his love but do you think this will relate to today’s youth?

I think we have Prem in everyone’s life but just we are not able to identify them. And when we see these real films, we realize that, we have even gone through the same kind of experience, but we never actually think how to deal with it. So, once the people will see the film they definitely relate to it. Emotions don’t have any language that whether it’s a youth or an old man.

Your filmy career expectations after this film?

I always keep my fingers crossed whenever I do a film. But I am sure this film will touch the cords and many more good things to come here.

Message to all your fans??

I would like to say them, watch Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi not because it’s my film but because it has lots of emotions which we ignore in our daily life; our commitments toward our family members, friends and towards the people we love. But this will remind you of all those things and will make you a better person. So I feel it’s a must watch for everyone,


Sonu Sood

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