Deepti Devi Singh on weight loosing spree..

Radha of Parrivar has gone for a make over, and has got trimmer...

Deepti Devi who made her mark with Parrivar on Zee is on a break. After the show went
off air she had been busy loosing weight and has gone for a huge makeover. The actress has now shed her extra kilos with regular workouts in the gym and yoga.

“I had been doing Parrivar for two years and could not get time to concentrate on myself. Now that I have all the time, thought of shaping myself a bit,” says Deepti.

She’s been regular to gym and yoga classes. “This has helped me a lot. Earlier I was 55 kg while now I have trimmed down to 48 kg. With this I had been keeping a close look on my diet too, by cutting down fried and oily stuff and consuming more of carbohydrates and proteins,” she adds further.

When asked about her return to television, the actress quips, “Well now that I have shaped myself, I am definitely looking out for things. I’m also eyeing on Bollywood, so let’s see what happens.”

What kind of roles are you looking forward to? “Now I want to be in historical or youth based shows. No more Radha kind of roles for me as it’s been done till death. Hoping for the best to come, till then I’m happy directing documentary and theaters,” concludes Deepti.

She has been associated with theatre even before making her debut on television.

We wish Deepti all the very best in her next endeavor…

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (5)

very good deepti. i''m proud of her. she is one of the best actresses i have ever seen. keep it up. looking forward for your bollywood debut.

15 years ago

i hope to see her in future shows. youth shows will be quite interesting to see. :)

15 years ago

kool...good for her!!....

but, honestly i think she was much more than 55!!....

15 years ago

Thanks for sharing! She did pretty well in Parrivaar!

15 years ago

arent carbs bad?
anywhooo..great articlee

15 years ago

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