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Close source reveals how Jacqueline Fernandez is coping up with Akshay Kumar's 5am Call Time

What's similar between Jacqueline Fernandez and Akshay Kumar? Close source spills beans about the two actors and their schedules that makes them bond easily...

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Jacqueline Fernandez Akshay Kumar

The gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez is busy shooting for her upcoming film, Bachchan Pandey, opposite Akshay Kumar. The actress who has previously worked with Akshay in films like Housefull 2, Housefull 3 and Brothers shares a lot in common with the superstar.

One of the things they totally bond over is the fact that both Akshay and Jacqueline are early risers. The co-stars love their mornings and are absolutely kicked about their morning routines. 

Shares a source close to the production,


Both Jacqueline and Akshay have similar habits when it comes to their fitness and morning routines. Jacqueline too, like Akshay, is an early riser. She starts off her day with yoga and her dedicated fitness regime. There are days when the actress zooms off to the race course for horse riding at the break of dawn. On other days, she loves her coffee and reading scripts during those early hours.

- Close Source

The source further adds,


Akshay is known to start his shoots as early as 5 am to 7 am. That seems gruesome to some co-stars, especially the female co-stars, given the time they need to get ready before their shots. But that is not at all a worry for Jacqueline who enjoys early morning shoots. A shot of coffee and some yoga is all she needs to be up and about!

- Close Source

Jacqueline is self disciplined, just like her Bachchan Pandey co-star, Akshay. Even on days she's not shooting, Jackie wakes up early and spends her mornings reading, making notes and to-do-lists. 

With a hectic routine that Jacqueline has, it becomes very important to maintain an order in one's daily life. She has been shooting for the horror comedy, Bhoot Police, alongside Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor and Yami Gautam.

Then she got on to Rohit Shetty’s comedy of errors, Cirkus, which pairs her with Ranveer Singh for the first time. Then of course, there is Bachchan Pandey opposite Akshay. The two shot in Jaisalmer recently for the film.

With an impressive line up like that, it becomes important for an actress to maintain a healthy regime and who better than Jacqueline, who's embracing her age so beautifully, to know that. Afterall, she's worked closely with the fitness guru, Akshay Kumar so sharing similar habits is only natural for these two co-stars.

Akshay Kumar Jacqueline Fernandez Bhoot Police 

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gurl-enchanted 1 months ago People often assume that an actor’s life is quite chill. But I do see that they work long hours and put their bodies through a lot to get that perfect screen presence. The extra scrutiny that comes with stardom and free Internet for trolls is also another factor that makes this profession not for everyone. Hats off to the hardworking ones 👌
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