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Channel V's show Sadda Haq shows how a girl will compete in a mans world

Channel V’s new show Sadda Haq will showcase the importance of a woman in a man’s world…

After establishing itself as the country's number one youth General Entertainment Channel (GEC), Channel V is all set to get a refreshed identity- a new logo to go with its new tagline- 'V Correct Hai', underlying the inherent brand thought, "what feels so right, can't be wrong".

This brand refresh will also see the launch of four exciting new shows that embody this thought, as the Channel continues its focus on the youth of the country.

One of the shows, Sadda Haq, is about the importance of women in a man's world. Women are still often relegated to being homemakers and child bearers and that's a wrong which needs to be corrected.

Sadda Haq, is set in an engineering college in Mumbai - the first of a kind for a TV show - where boys rule the roost and girls are few and far between. In our society most of the talk about equality happens on the surface and for more grave issues, chauvinism raises its ugly head. And that's the challenge Sanyukta faces when she gets her admission in the engineering college and faces prejudices in every step.

It's not easy for her at home as well, as Sanyukta's family is very conservative and representative of the patriarchal society we continue to live in. Only her self-belief and her brilliance will see her through as Sanyukta demands her rights in Sadda Haq. This daily fiction show will air Monday to Friday in half-an-hour episodes. Tune in time:  Monday to Friday 6:30PM

Says Prem Kamath, GM and Channel V Head: "We keep talking about men and women being equal but in India we still don't apply that in issues that matter. And this divide starts right from our education system and gets deeply embedded in the minds of our youth. Sadda Haq tries to set things right, going with our new thought for the Channel- V 'Correct Hai'."



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elsarose 6 years ago sadda haq is tthe best show ever in channel v
lovelykripa 6 years ago its the bst show ever!! sandhir acting is fabulous!!..:)
mindumplingss 6 years ago Awesome Show...
SH Rockszss... Actors R doing awesome job
Awesome Chemistry of SanDhir
KiranSonu1 6 years ago Sadda Haq eally superb show...
Love everything abt dis show...
Actors r really amazing.
honestyfirst 6 years ago This show just rocks ...
Lov the sayukta n randhir jodi
Sabz13 6 years ago This show gets interesting by the day and I'm loving Harshita Gaur and Param Singh Smile
honestyfirst 6 years ago Very nice n interesting ...cant wait for nxt episode
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