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AR Rahman Breaks Silence on Daughter Khatija’s Burqa Battle with Taslima Nasreen

Here's what AR Rahman has to say about daughter Khatija getting trolled for wearing a burqa, and Taslima Nasreen's 'suffocating' comment...


Courtesy : The News Minute

A few days back, AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija Rahman was yet again trolled for wearing a burqa. Author Taslima Nasreen had recently made a comment on Khatija’s picture that sparked the entire debate over her choice of wearing burqa all over again.

Sharing a picture of Khatija, Nasreen wrote:  "I absolutely love A R Rahman's music. But whenever i see his dear daughter, i feel suffocated. It is really depressing to learn that even educated women in a cultural family can get brainwashed very easily!" 

To which Khatija had hit back like a boss and slammed Nasreen for her comments.” Dear Taslima Nasreen, I’m sorry you feel suffocated by my attire. Please get some fresh air, cause I don’t feel suffocated rather I’m proud and empowered for what I stand for. I suggest you google up what true feminism means because it isn’t bashing other women down nor bringing their fathers into the issue. I also don’t recall sending my photos to you for your perusal” Rahman’s daughter posted on Instagram.

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And now music maestro and Khatija’s father AR Rahman has opened up about the entire burqa spat. Speaking to Times of India, Rahman said that children are brought up in a way where they understand the good and bad but they also have their own free will. Referring to the burqa controversy, he added that she(Khatija) did what she wanted to, and her attire is more than a religious thing and it's her choice to wear it and she has all the freedom to wear what she wants!

Meanwhile, this is not the first time AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija had to face mean comments for wearing a  burqa, as she was trolled heavily, last year, for the same. 

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Dreamygal301 3 months ago How many times must the family say it's the said individual's choice?! Why are they targeted?! ...bugger off and leave them alone.
saiba007 3 months ago I don't understand why on the earth only Muslim women are targeted for covering their self from others why never are those targeted for posting nude and moving around half naked. has a Muslim women ever targeted those women noo so leave alone Muslim sisters.
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