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Anupamaa: Malti Devi set to regain her Memory, unveiling a new chapter in the show

The latest development reveals that Malti Devi's memory is on the brink of returning in Star Plus' show Anupamaa.

Published: Friday,Sep 15, 2023 13:30 PM GMT-06:00
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Anupamaa," a top-rated show known for its compelling characters and captivating storytelling, continues to enthral its audience. The current storyline pivots around Pakhi's return to the Kapadia household and the growing concern for Malti Devi's well-being.

As previously depicted, Malti Devi resides in the Kapadia house, burdened by fear and distress, constantly expressing her anxiety about breaking something precious. Her relentless babbling about not being responsible for the broken glass leaves Anupamaa deeply empathetic. Anupamaa attempts to console her, emphasizing the insignificance of the shattered glass.

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The latest development reveals that Malti Devi's memory is on the brink of returning. Anupamaa approaches Malti Devi during an Aarti ceremony, and something within the ritual triggers a spark of recognition. Malti Devi's memory resurfaces, and she is overcome with remorse for her actions. She extends her heartfelt apology to Anupamaa.

As Malti Devi's memory resurfaces, the audience eagerly anticipates whether Anupamaa will finally uncover the truth behind the events that transpired. This newfound revelation promises to open a new and compelling chapter in the show's narrative, leaving viewers hooked and engaged."

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