Anudha Akhtar in The First Lady with Abu Sandeep

She talks about journey of life with hubby Farhan Akhtar and kids in the show...

The guest for  this week  in The First Ladies with Abu Sandeep this week is Adhuna Akhtar. The show is hosted by well known designers Abu Jani And Sandeep Khosla.

Adhuna is introduced as "One of the most free spirited individuals I have met in a long time. She is a fulltime mom, she runs one of themost successful salon chains in the country and is married to a rock star, director actor."

Revealing how she shifted base from UK to India she said "I switched between jobs. There was a 3 month gap in between. So I decided to come to India to discover my roots as it were and I got my roots done instead."

Answering to a question on working together with Farhan Akhtar, Lady Scissorhands replied that she thought "Working together with your husband is not always the best idea"

On Farhan as a husband, she said "He is actually very well house trained. His mother taught him well. I don't have to pick up clothes after him, I don't have to do anything. He is extremely neat and tidy, very Parsi in his ways."

Expressing pride on her husband's new status as a rockstar and the latest sex symbol of the country", Audhuna quipped. "People have got to catch to me because I recognized all this so many years ago."

Answering a query about her siblings, Adhuna said "we are all equally strong individuals, my twin sister; a lot of people don't know I have a twin sister because she doesn't live in India, she lives in Australia, and we are very different, physically we are very different. I got the looks she got the brains…..…My brother is six years younger."

On whether Farhan was the only love of her life Audhuna replied, "I have to be honest and say its not but it's the right love, definitely the right love of my life."

On Farhan as a father Adhuna believes, "The gift Farhan has given me and my children is laughter, and you really need this in this world these days."

On the best gift Farhans given her she said that on her birthday, after the celebrations got over, Farhan produced a ring and gave it to her saying that he would have liked to give it when they got married but he couldn't afford it then.

She also revealed the story behind the naming of her two daughters, Shakiya and Akira. Shakiya was a name that her best friend has chosen for her daughter but when she was born they named her Dalai and so Adhuna made her give her the name. Akira, she said was for obvious reasons as Farhan considers Akira Kusorawa as his guru.

The show is aired on NDTV Good Times at 10 pm  every Saturday.


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Farhan Akhtar

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Comments (6)

been wanting to see who he''s married to...


15 years ago

She sound wonderful.....waiting to watch the episode...

15 years ago

OMG!! he is MARRIED aur WOH BHE with 2 kids.. tch tch my heart is brokenn..!! :''( neway.. pretty wife.. nd nice new pretty names... lol

15 years ago

lolz..........her name is adhuna not anudha...........she sounds like a wonderful human...........but hate the fact that she is farhans wife..............coz i love him!!!

15 years ago

its adhuna and not anudha

thanks ....lucky her to have farhan and lucky farhan to have her in life

15 years ago

OMg is farhan parsi just like me mwahhhh

15 years ago

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