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Aishwarya Sharma on husband Neil Bhatt’s tearful farewell to her on her last day of shoot of GHKKPM

Aishwarya Sharma opens up on her exit from GHKPM, news of her pregnancy, Neil's reaction on the last day of her shoot and more. Read ahead to know more.

Published: Friday,May 05, 2023 11:11 AM GMT-06:00
Updated: Saturday,May 06, 2023 03:46 AM GMT-06:00
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Aishwarya Sharma

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein which is one of the most popular shows on Indian Television in recent times has been keeping the audience hooked with its gripping storyline. However, the show has been in the news ever since Aishwarya Sharma's exit was announced in the media. Post the actress's exit from the show, India Forums got in touch with her and the actress got into a heartfelt conversation with us on almost everything that has been talked about the actress, her exit from the show and her being a part of Khatron Ke Khiladi 13. 

When we asked Aishwarya about her sudden exit from 'Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein' the actress said, ''This was not sudden for me. My decision of taking an exit from the show was mutual with the makers and we were on the same page. If you ask me why did I exit the show, I'd say, the routine got monotonous. There was nothing new left for me to explore in the show or my character. Hence, I decided to move forward.''

There were rumours about the actress being unhappy about her character turning grey and hence deciding to quit the show. Addressing this rumour Aishwarya, ''That's not true. As I told you, the reason behind quitting the show was the monotony. People will say anything they want, that's their job.''

Talking about what she cherishes the most about the show and her character Aishwarya said, ''Ghum gave me everything. It gave me Neil. It gave me success. The show was always in the top 5 list on the TRP charts, it is a huge deal.'' Further, she added, ''I will miss the show. Pakhi was a turning point in my career. I got everything from this show. I made a family on the show, personal and otherwise too.''

Aishwarya also addressed rumours of her pregnancy and said, ''I am not pregnant guys. I did not leave the show because I am pregnant. Just because an actress wants to quit the show that does not make her pregnant. I left the show because I wanted to explore new things in my career.''

We asked Aishwarya about Neil's reaction to her decision to quit the show and the actress said, ''Neil always supports me. He has never gone against my decision. When I discussed this decision with Neil he said he was with me. I think this is an important quality any life partner should possess.''

Further talking about the last day of her shoot the actress said, ''On the last day of my shoot Neil was taking videos of me while I was performing. he kept taking videos of me and kept crying. When I saw this, I was not able to shoot. As for me, I was very happy after my last shot but Neil was very emotional.''

There are rumours of Aishwarya taking up Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 too.

How much will you miss seeing Aishwarya in the show? Let us know in the comments below. 

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ShipIsSailing @ShipIsSailing 4 months ago Ab kya roz nikaloge ek article? Arey bhai samajh gaye ki jaa rhi h. Sab bahut udaas hai. Roye pade hai. Ab har din naya article likhne ki zaroorat nahi hai. We should focus more on the upcoming scenarios rather than what has already happened.
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WittyKitty @WittyKittyVixxy 4 months ago Good riddance of bad rubbish. And India Forums, multiple articles a day on her leaving aren’t needed. We understood the first time itself that she is going. Though 99% of the audience is certain she was sacked for one tantrum too many! And the statement “He never goes against my decision” is very telling!
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mysticriver @mysticriver 4 months ago Bad karooo
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gopi2929 @gopi2929 4 months ago This is the 5th article on Aishwarya quitting Ghum....like why do the readers have to be informed so many times? We forget?
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shwetha85 @shwetha85 4 months ago What a cringe man!!!! More than half of the world's married couples do not work the same office, company or environment. Please NB and ASB get a life and stop being so stupid
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bubbly12 @bubbly12 4 months ago Good riddance. Now please stop these articles as well 🙏
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