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TV’s famous lawyer enters Bollywood

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TSZTSA: Picture Gallery *NO COMMENTS*

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~*Happy Diwali*~

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Meet Smirti Irani's 'Mere Apne'...

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Good News For Smriti's Fan

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Where have they gone? Shraddha Nigam

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Shraddha Nigam

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~*TSZTSA Farewell!*~

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My TSZTSA Speech...

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Smriti's formula fails-Article

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Still visits...

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Harsh Chhaya
Harsh Chhaya

as: Dushyant Jajodia

Dushyant is the younger brother of Sudhanshu. Much the opposite at first, he did everything for his own good. He took over the family business increasing his ego. He often mistreats his wife for not ...

Kiran Karmarkar
Kiran Karmarkar

as: Sudhanshu

Sudhanshu is a schizophrenic who is married to Uma, the main protagonist. When she realises that her husband was drugged from an early age in order to make him ill, she fights to cure him and get him ...

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