Thodi Khushi Thode Gham About

THODI KHUSHI THODE GHAM is the story of patriarch, Mansukhlal Shah and a woman who challenges his claims of being superior to the gentler sex, Sneha. Mansukhlal is one of the leading industrialists in the country whose family is a microcosm in itself consisting of his mother, his wife, four sons, a daughter, two daughters-in-law and several sundry relatives. He is assisted in the business by three of his four sons (the fourth one is still studying) and believes that he and his sons are wholly responsible not only for his success in the business but also for his status and respect in the society, ignoring the contribution of his wife and his daughters-in-law to their lives totally.

When he writes his autobiography, he credits his sons for everything but refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the women in the house. It is at this stage that his youngest daughter-in-law, Sneha tells him that the autobiography was untrue and reminds him that the women in his family had contributed in no small measure to his success and that of his sons. Mansukhlal disputes that and an argument takes place at the end of which, Mansukhlal challenges her to prove her claim and she accepts the challenge, only with the help of all the females of the house.

It is the struggle for truth between the ladies of the house led by Sneha, and the men of the house led by Mansukhlal Shah. The situations are achieved from the life itself, more relatable than the situations we see in some of the shows. Yet, the programme is not a dry rendition of a family battle. The main thread of the story is supplemented with various sub-plots that provide the audience with a sumptuous treat consisting of most of the tradition Nine Rasas including a liberal dose of humour.

In short, THODI KHUSHI THODE GHAM is a soap opera that is much more than just a soap opera. ITS LIFE ITSELF.