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Amar in Remote control

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pushkala 0 1840 15 years ago pushkala

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Amit Jain

-Obsession- 8 5713 15 years ago Bubbles_Rox
Kudos to Arvind Rathod

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Excellent Ending

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Thumbs up for TKTG

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Sneha looks like Deepika Padukone..

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Deepika Padukone Sneh

ruxil 4 6306 15 years ago Barbie_
Deepa Parab + Deepika Padukone look alike

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Deepa Parab Deepika Padukone

mysterygurl1427 22 20695 15 years ago punjabihypnotic
Thodi Khusi Thode Gham

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update for the last 2 epi of TKTG

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pushkala 2 2978 15 years ago MefromNJ


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Aliraza Namdar
Aliraza Namdar

as: Amar Shah

He is the eldest son of Mansukhlal.

Deepa Parab
Deepa Parab

as: Sneha

Sneha is the youngest bahu. she is the new age bahu who combines convention with freedom. She is extremely emotional but at the same time very practical. Though she makes a hue and cry when things ...

Arvind Rathod
Arvind Rathod

as: Mansukhlal

Mansukhlal is one of the leading industrialists in the country whose family is a microcosm in itself consisting of his mother, his wife, four sons, a daughter, two daughters-in-law and several ...

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Nirmal Shah's crossover
Nirmal Shah's crossover

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