Shapath - Super Cops v/s Super Villains

Shapath - Super Cops v/s Super Villains

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ARTICLE Indian TV industry - An upward trend or troubled times?

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Jaywant and Kashish fanfic

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Sarwar Ahuja
Sarwar Ahuja

as: Senior Inspector Shaurya

Collegue of the other two Senior Inspectors and a new Senior Inspector. He is the son of Abhigyan's lost love Suhasini but he is unknown of it.

Hasan Zaidi
Hasan Zaidi

as: Senior Inspector Gautam

Son of Joint Police Commissioner and he is in love with Shikha. Collegue of Abhigyan and Shaurya and friend of Abhigyan.

Sargun Mehta
Sargun Mehta

as: Sonia

Daughter of Karanveer.

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